Dear Diary – Page 3 (Early 1950’s – Our Caravan)

Photographs of that time show me with my sister Valerie but I have no recollections of events that included both of us. This was probably not surprising given my age, and that Valerie would have been in school and would therefore be developing friendships as best she could considering our history of moving around.

The Court Players eventually acquired a permanent location at the Empire Theatre in Peterborough. I understand that, knowing my Dad had a young family and would prefer greater stability, they offered him the position of Scenic Artist at that theatre. He accepted. Their first show was opening April 11, 1950.

Rather than continue with lodgings, and as buying a house was out of the question, my parents bought a brand new “Terra Coach” (a 40ft caravan) and found a location for it on a farm called Keyes Close just off the Eye Road in Peterborough.

1950 Terra Coach 2

Keyes Close was a section of farm land being used specifically as a caravan park so I had a lot of things to explore, like other caravans; their gardens and, at one time, a bush full of tasty pea pods. In fact they were pods of Lupin seeds and I was extremely sick, to the extent that the people who owned the farm (and who were looking after me) took care of me and fed me goat’s milk. Unfortunately, while I have vivid memories of being ill, I have no recollection of an opinion regarding goat’s milk!

I loved our caravan. It was the first home that I can clearly remember, and it was so cozy on a cold Winter’s day!

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  1. When we first got married we lived in a trailer and we loved it! It truly was rather sad to move out of it. It held a lot of first memories . You know first burned meal….LOL! Or maybe I should say first undercooked meal, but hey it did get better!!

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      • yes, from now on I will go back to my old and new self to enjoy life. Thank you, sometimes I’m stucked in the mud not getting what I really wanted because I did’nt try harder. being pessimistic won’t help thank you for this post the old ways of life is more fun than tday we used to play on the street at night when the moon is full , having fun going to the mountain gathering young coconuts or have fun in the beach.

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  2. I would love to be able to live in a trailer. At my age I’m all in favour of scaling down a bit (not just because of the financial benefits, but also to be able to enjoy a more simple lifestyle). As far as I know living in trailer parks on a permanent basis has not been legalised in South Africa.

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  3. I love my trailer! We go camping every other weekend in the warm weather. It is also my hope to travel wherever roads can take us as soon as I save up enough money! 💰🚙

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    • The perception (at least around here) is that camping in a trailer is totally acceptable. Living in one at a trailer park is not. I never ran into such logic in the UK, although I suspect it probably exists, and can only conclude that it is based on a perceived financial means. i.e. You have no financial options. I could write a small book on the subject of stereotyping however, I currently simply wonder at how many people actually own their home in a trailer park in comparison to “normal” folk who rent forever, or are burdened with huge mortgages!


  4. One of my most cherished possession is a photo album. They tend to remind us of events that our minds are shut off too. As for me, i believe a home is home, fancies don’t make it any more of a home and caravans are no less a home.

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    • You are absolutely right. People living expensive lifestyles are not necessarily any happier than those on a limited budget. Somebody once said “Home is where the heart is”. I agree with that completely, as I am sure you will! 🙂

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  5. That was good fortune the day your folks got the caravan. I imagine it was a relief for your parents to be able to provide stability at last.

    There is nothing wrong with living in a trailer. My son lived in a trailer for a year or so. It is the moral fiber of person that makes them good or bad.

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  6. We had a caravan in 2007 when we were house hunting, purchased because we got sick and tired of getting flooded out in the tent! A couple of days after we bought it, the sun came out, and we found a house about a month after that. Other than that, I’d only had caravan holidays.
    Now we have a ‘caravan’ on the water!

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  7. Clearly your family was way ahead of the times. Things are definitely changing for the better. The whole Tiny House movement is like wildfire through a forest. It makes so much sense and the folks embracing it are oftentimes head and shoulders above the average homeowner.
    I love the idea of life in a caravan.
    Must have been magical at times.

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