You’re in my spot!

We have a half hour sit-com here called “The Big Bang Theory” .

Without going into all the details, one of the characters is a total self-professed genius with no concept of sarcasm, subtleties, emotions or anything else that is not readily converted into a scientific formula. He is totally inflexible and quite impossible because, after all, he knows everything there is to know about everything!

One of his quirks is his place on the sofa. His seating position was figured out as the optimum place to sit taking into consideration such factors as lighting, air movement etc. When somebody accidentally sits in his place, his standard response is a definitive “You’re in my spot!”

Our habits are such that we always sit on the same sides of our sofa (just a routine) when we have our dinner. As noted in an earlier Post*, the dinner plates go into the kitchen when empty and I am usually the one to make our coffees.

Because of Ray’s increasing skill at helping himself to parts of our dinner**, he is told to either lay down on the floor, or get up on the matching chair, so we can eat in peace!

A couple of weeks ago, we had finished our dinner and Ray followed me into the kitchen as usual so he could get his treats for being good. After his treats, he wasted no time getting back into the living room while I made the coffees. When I returned with the coffees, I was confronted with Carol smiling, and Ray looking very smug with himself. He was in my spot!

Manhandling Ray in those circumstances is difficult at best and as I am, after all, quite happy to sit elsewhere, we just laughed it off. A few days later, he repeated the exercise. Fortunately this has not become a habit so there is nothing to be addressed, but his apparent deliberate planning to get “my spot” was fascinating.

If he had got up and curled up next to Carol it would have made more sense, but curling up in “my spot” did little except allow him to snug up against the back support and the arm of the sofa.

Ironically, while he regularly chills out on either the sofa or the matching chair, he rarely stays there for long. We surmise that he gets quite hot on the leather covering and therefore forfeits the comfort for a cooler place!

He is full of surprises!

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  1. Breck has many spots, however he does love to be in the one I just left. Doesn’t matter which seat, just the last one I sat in. Dogs are just weird.

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