This is one of my favorite pics of Ray. In fact, I would suggest that it IS my favorite pic.

Not only can it say so much, limited only by one’s imagination, but clicking on it once to enlarge is very effective. Clicking to enlarge a second time is …… well ………. do it!

2013 11 15cTo me, it shows “attitude”……. and I love “attitude”.

Of course “attitude” can be challenging and, having seen two kids go through their teens years, I have seen much “attitude”! It does however also show spirit, in the context of life.This means that while I may find “attitude” disconcerting, I must also applaud it because that individual is clearly giving out a message and, while I may not agree with the message, any message is surely better than no message? I can work with an unclear, or even disturbing, message however I cannot do much with no message!

Melanie (my daughter) used to bring her troubled friends home to meet me (“Come and talk to my Dad”) and over the course of a few years, we had the pleasure of meeting a number of them who were going through difficult situations (some even lived us for a while), and what they all had in common ………….. was “attitude”!

We had one who lived a few doors down from us who was expected to take a pseudo- mother role in the context of cooking and cleaning while her Mum worked. This was on top of going to school and finding time for homework. He escape was to drop by and go to sleep on our couch! Another, who lived with us for a while, was very happy paddling around, bare foot, fully clothed, in the road when it was raining. They, and others whose paths crossed ours, all had “attitude”.

Of course this Post is supposed to be about Ray, and not troubled teens, so let us see what this pic could be telling us. My initial reaction is “You are disturbing me”, but it could say so much more. Perhaps he is thinking “What are you doing with that camera so close to me?” or “I can read your mind from here.”

Then of course there are the possibilities of “You have a funny nose”, “I can see the pores in your skin”, or a more basic “Got any treats?”. “I’m really trying to sleep” would seem to fit as would “Go away!”

The more I look at the picture, the more I think that he is really displaying an “attitude” of limited tolerance of the circumstances however, I am going to believe that he is thinking a gentle “I love you Dad. Thanks for loving me.” Yes ……………I am going to believe that last one!

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  1. The more I look at the stunning picture of Ray I’m sure I can here his voice saying “Dad just what are you doing ?? ” if that isn’t a face showing acceptance I don’t know what is 🙂

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  2. I tell Tippy (my 6lb chiwahwah) that I don’t know how I could possibly love her more today then I did yesterday, because my love for her knows no end.

    Looking at that handsome mug of Ray’s, in to his eyes, I hear that very same thing I say to Tippy, only he’s saying it to you. Followed by, please, let’s nap now ❤️

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  3. This is actually a great picture. Attitude, as you say. It also reflects how he is not worried about anything and is just so relaxed.
    What if all he was trying to say that, “Dude, you are over-thinking. I just want to sleep.” Hehe! 🙂

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