Ray has generally been relatively controlled when surprised by unexpected noises. He will certainly jump occasionally, as evidenced once when a bus was next to us and its air pressure valve decided to release pressure at that moment, but in general he seems to be quite accepting of odd noises. Continue reading

Jekyll and Hyde Ray?

The last two Posts covered Ray’s behavior while Carol and I were doing some gardening. I am not totally convinced whether his role was protector (watching out for us), or guard (making sure we didn’t escape), or supervisor (ensuring that his garden was not ruined). I would tend to lean towards the first two! Continue reading

Ray… Friend or…?

Ray is a really interesting character in many ways. He originally had a strong distrust of everybody, and went through a lunge and bark routine to make them go away. Having been on the receiving end of that display of “unrest”, I can attest to its efficiency! Continue reading