“The Crane”

“The Crane” was written by my daughter Melanie (who follows this Blog so please feel free to respond to her by name!). From her perspective, the crane is the focal point of the poem as it symbolizes the freedom of the present, the letting go of the past, and the embracing of the future.

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She walks towards the deserted beach.

Stepping out onto the sand, she pauses.

Watching the sun slowly sinking from view,

The sand, cold between her toes.

She walks.

The waves break along the shore

And are lost in the sand.

She thinks of moments in her life.

She looks across the water to see a crane.

It flies with the grace of the wind

And perches on a deserted mooring post.

She smiles, and continues to walk.

The eyes of the crane follow her every move.

The woman shivers as a breeze caresses her body.

She remembers the times she felt alone,

Much like she does now.

The times when she felt like

She could not go on.

Tears fall from her eyes

As a feeling of loneliness overcomes her.

Thinking of what lay ahead of her,

And what is behind her,

She picks up a pebble

And gently throws it.

The beautiful bird just sits and watches.

She smiles.

Thoughts start to run through her mind.

“How will I survive?”

“Who will help me?”

“Where do I turn?”

“Will I make it through?”

The crane just sits and watches.

No one to depend on but itself.

The woman thinks …

Let down so many times before

She feels a strength growing inside her.

Where does it come from?

The baby which, someday, will be born

Knowing there is a loving mother.

Raised to know a life better than this.

Born with strength and faith.

She holds onto that thought.

It warms her inside.

She has a reason to live.

She will be strong.

She remembers past pain.

She knows that it will get better,

Alone maybe, but not abandoned.

She turns around.

Glances at the crane.

Sees its head raise.

It seems as if

It is reading her mind.

She smiles.

The crane lifts its wings and, like a breath of air,

Soars into the evening sky ’til it is out of sight.

Standing … looking out over the beach,

Watching the water roll in,

Tears fall from her eyes.

Tears of joy.

The first of many to come.

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  1. I would like to offer my personal thanks to everybody who took the trouble to read “The Crane” and very special thanks to all those who commented. Your comments triggered a number of emails between Melanie and I and she was clearly overwhelmed by you all. Not only the nature of your responses, but the fact that you all took the trouble to respond. Melanie is her own worst critic (I bet that sounds familiar to all of you) and, as such, had never contemplated that her writing could elicit emotional reactions in others. I am hoping that she will give me more of her writings as time passes but, in the meantime, thanks again. What a special group of people you are 🙂

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  2. Thank you to all of you for such encouraging comments. it was not an easy time in my life when it was written so its really nice to hear that it has moved people and that people can relate to it in different ways so, thanks.

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