“Tuning My Guitar”

Following on from yesterday’s Post, there was a young lady who felt inspired to write about her frustrations with the music industry, and one song in particular (“What have they done to my song, Ma?”) would seem to be a parallel story to Gordon Giltrap’s experience.  i.e. What he wrote and how he visualized it being performed, was rather different from how it was ultimately published.

Melanie Safka was, to me, the ideal “poster girl” for flower power! She seemed to represent all that was good in those “peace and love” times, and one of her initial impacts on me was her recording of “Alexander Beetle”! I have no idea whether she was really “pushing” the industry by writing a song about a beetle … but it seemed to work for her and, when my daughter was born, she was given the name Melanie. It just seemed so appropriate.

The song in the video would seem to be a very open and honest show of dismay with the industry, and also a show of strength that she is not going to give up her music. “I used to do it just for fun” (a line from the song) is a statement which I can imagine many musicians would relate to as they reminisced to when playing was fun .. before the music industry captured them and used their creativity and music skills to make huge amounts of money. Enjoy Melanie!

Music … free spirit or in chains?

The arts, in the broadest use of the term, is an interesting contradiction in perceptions. I see any creative process as free from all expectations and pre-conceived notions, and yet that can be far from the truth. Can (or should) a free creative spirit be steered down a conforming road? How do we see creative freedom in comparison to conformity (to expectations)? Continue reading

.. and then there were three!


For anybody mystified by this post, see link below:


We’ve had them for a while now but the location, relative to the sun’s position, and the fact that we have to take the pic through rear window glass panels, makes for limited photo opportunities. As at this morning (Tuesday 28th), there are 3 hungry little chicks with mouths permanently open, and Mom and Dad are going non-stop feeding them. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity or two for some “chick pics”!