Dear Diary – Page 10 (Mid 1950’s – The Parcel)

An event at Gran’s house which I can vividly recall was when Valerie and I were rushing around helping with dinner for the guests and, at one point, Valerie was carrying a pot of freshly made tea.

I was going in the opposite direction carrying something (probably from clearing a table). We collided and the tea splashed out of the pot and all down Valerie’s front. She was quite seriously burned and apparently carried physical scars from that event for the rest of her life.

While I can recall the event, I cannot recall any emotions as a result of it. In retrospect, I have to admire Valerie because for the rest of our lives (Valerie passed away many years ago), she never once  blamed me, or carried any anger towards me, because of that incident. It did come up occasionally when we were in a “do you remember” conversation, but it was always in the context  of “that accident we had while staying at Gran’s house”.

During our time staying there, we got to know some of the guests quite well and, on one occasion, a guest was telling us what he used to do for laughs when he was small. He would make up a parcel of something not very pleasant; write a fictitious name and address on the front, and put it on the pavement* where people walking past could see it. He said that people would open parcels that were not addressed to them, and he would have a good laugh at their faces when they realized what was in it!

Valerie decided that we should go down the road to Cannon Hill Park and catch some fish so that we could make a dead fish parcel and put it on the pavement* outside. Gran had some trees in her back garden which were easy to climb, and could provide a good vantage point for watching our parcel. The parcel was duly created, addressed, and placed just outside Gran’s back garden wall after which we climbed into a tree to watch. It wasn’t long before someone found our parcel and decided to open it! One can imagine the giggling coming from high up in that tree!


9 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Page 10 (Mid 1950’s – The Parcel)

  1. Your incident reminds me of a time I spilled a whole crock pot of sloppy joes right before a party. No collision but it’s one of those “remembered” snafus! 😀 I do like your Diary page, Colin. And btw I’m writing this on my phone only because I’m on the road. I’ll try your post tomorrow!

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