Good night buddy!

Ray moved in with us on March 15, 2013* and settled in very fast (he knew what he was doing!).

Given our various experiences of him up to that time, together with my bad experience with a Shepherd many years prior, I tried to be as relaxed as possible when in close proximity to him, but was prepared for any surprise moves on his part.

I learned later that his reflexes are so much faster than mine that I could not have prevented any move that he decided necessary (Humbling reality No. 1)!

He immediately showed a preference to his circular bed, which was then in the middle of our living room, presumably because it was central and offered the best vantage point from a security perspective.2013 03 17 10CRHere he is getting ready to settle down for the night on March 17, his third day with us.

For reasons of self-preservation (see first paragraph), it was with considerable caution that I would put my face close to his. In fairness to Ray, he had already made friends with me with a nose touch when he was still at the Humane Society so the gamble was perhaps minimal? The problem was that he was fitting in so well after only a few days, and he looked so cuddly and inviting, that I just wanted to kiss him good night on the top of his head. I never made it to the top of his head.

2013 03 17 12 Good night buddy! Love you too!

 *See Posts “Yesterday” March 16, 2015 & “Sometime around now…” February 28, 2015


11 thoughts on “Good night buddy!

  1. Ray looks like a wonderful dog, Colin. You know, our dog Charlie is the first dog we’ve ever had (we were “cat people” previously), so getting to know what dogs are “all about” has been the most interesting experience ever — and one I’m glad we didn’t deny ourselves. Wonderful post, thanks! 🙂

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