Dear Diary – Page 13 (Mid 1950’s – Fancy Dress)

Stanground Church (where I went a few times to Sunday school) was very close to a large field and, in 1955, there was some kind of family day event there which included a kids fancy dress competition.

I think that we had an advantage having a seamstress Mum who worked in the theater business because, although she did make Valerie’s Indian Maid costume complete with papoose and with Mary-Lou* in it, the beaded necklaces and other accessories were theater props! My Court Jester outfit was I believe 100% theater prop!

Col & ValThe local newspaper (Peterborough Citizen & Advertiser) was there and, as Valerie came 1st (I only got an “honourable mention!) they wanted  to take a photograph of her. At Mum’s insistence, they included me in the picture!

It was also around this time that I started finding things! Somebody must have explained to me that if I find something, then I should take it to the local Police Station because that is where people go when they have lost things.

I found some sun glasses, numerous keys, penknives, scissors, pens, pencils and money over the course of time, all of which were taken to the Police Station. I guess I was there on a regular basis because they greeted me like a long lost friend whenever I turned up with my latest find! They told me that if anything was not claimed within a few weeks, it would be given back to me to keep. I believe I acquired an old screwdriver once, and a number of pens and pencils, but never anything else so I guess all the other items were claimed!

*Mary-Lou was Valerie’s doll from as far back as I can remember and was always her favorite.

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  1. Colin, I really like this post/piece. I’m so glad you’ve ventured forth into sharing your own personal writing. You need to do more of it! The photo is wonderful as well. Hope you’ve had a great day. I’m sort of late making my rounds — sorry! :

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    • I am happy that you are enjoying taking this journey back in time with me! As for being late visiting? Not a problem as these Posts are open for Comments for 365 days!


  2. Kids fancy dress memories. Mine are from the 60s, and the theme of wild flowers. My sister was a poppy, my cousin a daisy and my yellow and green crepe paper outfit was supposed to be a buttercup. I swear that’s where my aversion for yellow came from!

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    • Personal memorabilia is very important to me. I feel that to revisit these old photos; to thumb through my old trainspotting books; to look through my old collection of ship photographs, boys annuals and the like, together they help keep me “grounded”. I have so much evidence from my past that I have never felt distanced from it.

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