Blatant discrimination!

Knowing Ray’s relationship with various business around here, and knowing that he occasionally gets preferential treatment (blatant discrimination against humans)*, the following incident could not go unrecorded!

Our weather has been quite hot and humid lately so we have been taking Ray out for a couple of short walks most days, rather than his typical long walks. I really think that he would be just as happy being allowed to chill out on our sofa but exercise is important ………. for all of us! For purely practical purposes, we try and incorporate one of his walks into a shopping trip, or other such business trip.

A few days ago, we were talking about getting Ray out for an evening walk and Carol mentioned that she wanted to go to the bank to get some money. That settled the route so off we went to our downtown TD Bank**. The bank had just closed when we got there but the ATM was ready and willing to provide the necessary service (albeit without the smile and “Hi! How are you today?”).

As Carol approached the ATM and started entering data, I noticed that the bank staff were gathering on the other side of the entrance/exit door. It seemed a little odd, but then I thought that perhaps a security person would let them all out together as a precaution against anybody forcing an entry into the bank as various staff leave? Of course it could also be a procedure to ensure that all staff are off the premises at a certain time?

While Carol was doing her transaction; While Ray was sitting patiently next to me; While I was pondering bank procedures; The door opened and, as various staff members passed by and exited the building, one particular lady (a teller who has served us numerous times) turned and came towards us.

“I’ve brought Ray a treat! While we were waiting inside, I saw him sitting out here so went back to get him a biscuit. Is it okay if he has it?

When was the last time that you received a remotely similar level of service from a bank employee? I can guess your answer ………… me too! Blatant discrimination!

*See “Another Lululemon Story” – May 11, 2015

**See “Biscuit Power” – Jan 3, 2015

22 thoughts on “Blatant discrimination!

  1. Ah, Colin — it sounds like Ray really is a celebrity about town! And yes, now that I think of it, I’ve never been given anything at my bank (they seem only too happy to “take” from me) and so as you say it’s blatent discrimination! Seriously though, sounds like you have a great bank with super employees. 🙂

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  2. That bank is lucky to have such a great employee that makes its patrons feel so welcome. It was discrimination tho, to bring Ray a treat and not treat the humans to at least a dollar 😉

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