Dear Diary – Page 18 (Late 1950’s – Walton Junior School)

Here is a pic of Walton Junior School taken during a visit back to England. It really hasn’t changed!

Walton SchoolCR

My entrance into the school was through the door opening on the left (behind the blue vehicle), and my classroom was down the left side of the building. There were also classrooms at the front (clearly visible in pic), and down the right side of the building. The area “framed” by the classrooms was the assembly hall, come gymnasium, come cafeteria depending on the time of day!

I used to stay for school dinners (must assume that Mum would have been working at the Embassy Theater) which were not too impressive. It was not unusual to find livestock hiding in the vegetables, and the mashed potatoes always had hard lumps in them. Desserts however were generally quite good with “concrete pudding” being a favorite (although the custard that came with it was questionable). “Concrete pudding” was very appropriately named because it was rock hard and, if you were not careful, you efforts to break it (by jamming a fork into it) would result in it splitting into two with both pieces flying off in opposite directions! Watching your dessert disappear like that was not very nice  however, sometimes a stray dessert landed near you which made everything okay!

We all sat at designated tables and were overlooked by teachers who had their own tables. While they all appeared to be eating the same as us, the smell of coffee afterwards made it quite clear that their menu was not exactly like ours!

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  1. Very nice that you could go back and visit. I am guessing that you didn’t have any “concrete” pudding when you went back?
    I guess that would go pretty well with what Sherry fondly called my “concrete” brownies! And yes that was just a One time thing. 🙂

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