Having a blast!

Many of my earlier Posts have reflected back on the positive changes that we have seen in Ray so I will not repeat them here, however, just look at this pic!

2015 06 21 18CR

Can you imagine that this was the dog who did not know how to play; who was afraid of the world in general; whose view on life seemed to be that it was a dangerous and very serious business?

Can you imagine that this was the guy who was either totally withdrawn, or barking and lunging, depending on the circumstances?

Way to go Ray! You may not have enjoyed being a puppy, but you can certainly have a blast now! Thanks for showing us that you are comfortable enough, with us around, to just let go and play!

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    • He was picked up as a stray. The Oakville & Milton Humane Society’s assessment of him concluded no physical signs of abuse however, he was totally withdrawn, did not want to be touched, and was frightened of people and other dogs. He had no basic social skills (indicative of being taken away from mother too early) and clearly had no training whatsoever. He had to be medicated due to high anxiety displays. He had no concept of indoor behavior and had difficulty coordinating his back legs to get up steps! We found out later that he also had Stage 2 Heartworm. The general consensus was that he was about 2 yrs old when picked up, and he had probably been a farm dog.

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  1. It’s amazing to see the change in Ray after finding a loving home! He looks like he’s so happy now. Keep up the great times!

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