Dear Diary – Page 26 (Late 1950’s – East Runton)

In 1956, I was given an Autograph book.

As Mum worked at the Embassy Theatre, and as they had regular live entertainment, she had fairly easy “access” to the performers!

1956 autograph2My first autograph was from Mr. Tacey who was my teacher at Walton Junior School. He was tall, very soft spoken, and I liked him. This was in stark contrast to the only other teacher I can recall. Ms Worthington! She was tall with ginger hair tied back in a bun, and had a commanding voice. Everything about her was cold and stern. I have no idea why I would have come in contact with her as she was never my teacher, but I probably did something that I shouldn’t have done! Based on the date of Mr. Tacey’s autograph, I would assume that the book was a birthday present (my birthday was a week earlier). 1956 school photo

School photograph – 1956

Somewhere in this general time frame, we had our first real holiday (at least as far as I can remember)! As Mum and Dad were on conflicting work schedules, and as all Dad’s spare time was taken up with building our home, it was decided that Mum should take us (kids) for a holiday by the sea and so they rented a caravan at East Runton (on the Norfolk coast) for a couple of weeks.

Apparently, one day while Dad was at work, he received a phone call from the people who owned the East Runton caravan site. It should be noted that in 1956, most people (including us) did not have a telephone at home. The basis for the call was a very simple “Where are you?” They had both forgotten! I must assume that he got on his bike and dashed home because Mum then rushed around getting us ready, and then we got a bus straight into town and made our way to Peterborough East station to get the next train out! Given the time of year, trains would have been regularly scheduled.

Memories of that holiday are limited to the train ride (no surprises there!); the long walk to and from our caravan site; the long flights of steps which took us down the cliffs and onto the beach; fish ‘n’ chips, and ice creams! We also went onto a pier after a short bus ride so I would guess that was Cromer pier. If I remember correctly, East Runton had very little to offer except a beach however, both Cromer and Sheringham were quite close for those who wanted more than to play on a beach.


10 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Page 26 (Late 1950’s – East Runton)

  1. I remember the Autograph books and entries ‘By Hook or by crook I’ll be the first/last in your book’. No celebrity autographs in it though, but I did get a postcard of a black cat sitting in a horseshoe superimposed on a picture of Bournemouth signed by Ivor Emmanuel (Welsh baritone) who was starring at the Winter Gardens, so I stuck that in the back!

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