A Dedication to Ray

One of Ray’s Followers is Himali Shah ( www.decodinghappiness.wordpress.com ), and I recently received an email from her:

A dedication to Ray

You are a Ray,

A ray of sunshine,
To days so gloomy..

A ray of hope,
To life’s tough ways..

A ray of joy,
Spreading happiness and smiles..

A ray of friendship,
To my world so lonely..

A ray of love,
In a world so harsh..

Oh buddy when you look at me,
With your big brown eyes..
Oh buddy when you smile and woof,
You make me yours. .
With you, I feel home..

Oh Ray, you are my ray,
Of love and life.

How do I possibly respond to that except to simply say “Thank you”. If Ray had any concept of this, he would no doubt be very flattered and may (just may) be lost for words.

Himali Poem 1


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