Dear Diary – Page 52 (Early 1960’s – Austria)

In 1962 we went to Austria!

This time, unlike our Switzerland holiday*, we flew from Southend and over the English Channel to Ostende. Similar to our Switzerland holiday, we then traveled by coach all the way to Austria. The coach was really nice but after a few hours of traveling, it started to get a little tedious! There were a number of stops in France to allow everybody to “stretch their legs” a little. Our first over-night stop was in Arras and while the railway station was apparently not far away from our hotel, I was not able to go there.

We ultimately ended up in a small town called Fuschl, which was not far from Salzburg. On one of our non-traveling days, I wanted to take a rowing boat out into the lake and, as Valerie was happy to come along for the cruise, we duly “shipped out”. At one point, Valerie decided that she would like to “have a go” at rowing!

1962 Fuschl 1

She did very well, but then gave me the oars in order to get us back up against the wooden dock!

1962 Fuschl 2*See Post “Dear Diary – Page 44” – September  4, 2015


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