Dear Diary – Page 53 (Early 1960’s – Austria)

We had some time in Vienna where, although the Danube was disappointing (no romantic blues in that river!), the architecture, even to a 15 year old, was impressive. We also had a trip into Salzburg which again, was lovely by virtue of its architectural history.

In Salzburg, and on Dad’s prompting, Valerie and I decided to support the world.

1962 Austria 2_0002I have to wonder how many billions of photographs of this setting exist today!

Our return coach made an overnight stop in a French mining town and, while it was not as luxurious as the hotel in Arras, it was a much friendlier place. I also seem to recall that this coach drove through the night once which was not much fun.

Finally, Lady Valerie and Sir Colin, both of Peterborough, arrive at Southend Airport and exit their aircraft!

1962 Austria 2_0001Clearly we only saw a very tiny part of Austria given the few days that we were there however, although we had a lovely time, I have retained a very vivid memory of a disconcerting moment.

During a day that we spent exploring Fuschl, we just happened to be in the proverbial “right place at the right time” (?) for a street parade. The parade however was of a local boys “brigade”. They marched in perfect time and with identical “correct” postures and all had the same uniform. None of the boys were smiling and none of them seemed to be having fun.  Seeing such a large group of very serious, uniformed boys in perfect synchronization really bothered me then. In fact, I am still bothered by large groups of uniformed people who project a para-military feel to their existence.

On a happier note, my souvenir from  this holiday was an Austrian Railways baggage coach and a French passenger coach!

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  1. I have to agree the Danube is not as blue as they say… lol! But about 30 to 35 years ago they created an island with a huge recreation zone between the river Danube and a artificial river (in order to protect from flooding). The city grew amazingly since you were there and developed although the old core is fostered very well.
    Colin, I am also here to pass on an award for my loyal friend 🙂

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