Dear Diary – Page 76 (Late 1960’s – Wedding Plans)

My romance* was going very well and at Christmas 1967, we went down to my parents’ home!

Due to circumstances at her own home (which I will not go into for reasons of privacy), I used to buy her clothes occasionally. At that time, dresses with frills/ruffles were very fashionable and, as the only way that she would ever have one would be if I bought it, ………. I bought it! A very nice Christmas was had by all!

1967 Dec aIn the Spring of 1968, she told me that there was a possibility that she was pregnant! While not a total shock, it did rather present some challenges to be faced, the most pressing one being to advise both sets of parents. For some reason (it made sense at the time … but in hindsight????), I went to where her Mum worked and advised her that her daughter might be pregnant. Based on my single experience of this circumstance, I would strongly recommend to anybody in this situation to say absolutely nothing until the situation is clarified. A mother does not want to hear the word “might”!

My relationship with her family was a little strained for a while until a test produced a negative pregnancy result, at which time I was banished from the planet as far as her Mum was concerned. I was inundated with an amazing assortment of very derogatory terms and treated like an outcast.

A few weeks later, it was thought prudent to have another test done, and that one came back positive. I was immediately welcomed back into their home like a long lost relative! I had never experienced such hypocrisy before and my relationship with her Mum was always polite, but strained, as a result.

When my Mum and Dad were advised of the situation, they were not surprised! As my Dad succinctly put it “You were living on your own. It was always a possibility. Have you two decided what you are going to do?” We had talked about it and had decided to get married. We both agreed that it was our intent anyway, but just not on this timing!

*See “Dear Diary – Page 67” – October 29, 2015 and “Dear Diary – Page 68” – November 3, 2015.

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  1. I can very well relate to that “tolerated” state at the in-laws. I guess my mother in law hoped to the very last moment that my husband might found out that he is still better with her than with me… But still only tolerated. It is funny, when I was pregnant (although already married) the first test came out negative too.

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  2. Sometimes we all do things ‘back to front’……… have a baby, buy a house, get married, get a dog. All part of Life’s harmony …….. just playing the notes in a different order (in my case occasionally in the wrong key too and hitting more than a few bum notes on the way!).

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