Dear Diary – Page 77 (Late 1960’s – Wedding)

The early part of 1968 was, not surprisingly, revolving around the pregnancy however, as much as we wanted to plan the wedding and ultimately start adjusting to our new responsibilities, my future mother-in-law wanted the wedding stalled!

The problem was age! I can still hear the most ludicrous argument for delaying a wedding that I have ever heard. “No daughter of mine is going to be married at 16. Just think what the neighbors will say! It’s alright for you, but I’m the one that has to live here and face them every day!” The wedding was delayed a few weeks, to just after her 17th birthday!

Due to severe financial restraints, it was made quite clear to us that we could only invite one friend each and it would be a Registry Office wedding (aka City Hall wedding) with the reception being at her home. I even contributed to the cost of my wedding.

1968 05 23Our photographs were taken by a friend at work whose hobby was photography, and there was a park just around the corner for just such occasions. On the other side of the park was a Perkins Diesel Engines plant, and what we did not realize until we saw the photographs, was that a group of workers (presumably on a break) were in the background!

A large caravan, on the site where I lived, became available and was offered to me. I accepted it and bid farewell to “Seaview” *(my original caravan).

My Mum and Dad invited us down to their home (near the coast) for a two week holiday in the Summer! That was the closest we got to a honeymoon!

*The name “Seaview” seemed a good idea, even though Peterborough is approximately 50 miles from the nearest coast! The idea came to me one morning when I awoke quite early and, upon looking out of a window , could see nothing but a thick early morning mist. I could have been anywhere … including on a cliff top overlooking the sea! That name was a source of amusement for the future tenants of my old ‘van!

12 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Page 77 (Late 1960’s – Wedding)

  1. Sounds like dealing with your Mother-in-law required a lot of patience!
    I didn’t even notice the workers in the picture, I was just taken in by the 2 of you.
    I love the name Sea-View, even when you had no view of the sea. I think it says a lot about how you chose to see things, and I believe you did that throughout your life, you chose to see beyond the fog!

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  2. I love how you imagined your world behind the fog!
    Your in-laws must have been such a challenge. Didn’t they realize how much they put their own daughter under pressure? I am glad there opened up some doors for you to have kind of a honeymoon and also a photographer, even a home…. althtough very simple, I think you both were very thankful for it all.

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