Dear Diary – Page 79 (Late 1960’s – Wedding)

Frances, my younger sister, and her (then) boyfriend, wanted to leave the reception when we did, and come back with us to our caravan. Her interest was quite simple. She wanted to watch “Top of the Pops”* on TV at 7:00pm, and that was not going to happen anywhere other than with us!

If I recall correctly, Dad took us all back to our place and then left. It did not seem to cross Frances or her boyfriend’s minds that they were with a newly married couple however, ignoring some mild protesting, we pushed them both out of the door at 7:30pm when the program had finished!

My parents had previously invited us down to their home as an inexpensive “honeymoon”. An offer which we graciously accepted! Their home was a short drive (or in our case a short train journey) to Clacton–on-Sea and so it was both a welcome break from our recent schedules and, of course, it was always nice to spend time on the coast.

Here we are posing on Clacton’s railway station.

1968 Clacton

*A weekly BBC program covering the Top 10 in the music charts.

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  1. My parents, siblings, nieces & nephews, & a couple of friends hung around until nearly midnight at our wedding (held at our new house), until they suddenly noticed my eyes closing with tiredness! But we’d lived together for several years previously so fair enough. We were all having too much fun though (& possibly a bit high on champagne & chocolate wedding cake :))

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