Dear Diary – Page 78 (Late 1960’s – Wedding)

Here is a photograph of our wedding reception table, but the intent of showing this photo has little to do with our wedding but a lot to do with the car just outside.

I am taking this direction because it was a very significant factor of those times (late 1960’s)!

1968 Reliant RearThe Reliant car (?) was either very convenient, or a bit of a joke, depending on your perspective. They were seemingly designed and marketed at the scooter and motorcycle fraternity who wanted a little more comfort, and did not want to go through another driving test!

It was a 3-wheeler, which placed it in the motorcycle/scooter category rather than the car category (no … I never understood it either!). The end result was that all sorts of people could drive one, having never taken a car driving test.  My Dad decided that he did not need the aggravation of another driving test so he bought one. They were made of fiberglass, and had a modified motorcycle engine in them.

Overall, they were a relatively inexpensive “set of wheels”, and were the sort of car that you hoped your friends would never see you getting out of but, …. there it was … parked outside on our wedding day!

In retrospect, it must have been the low cost and overall design that produced such negative associations because other 3-wheelers like those produced by Morgan were revered but then … there were no visual similarities!

Morgan photo courtesy                     Reliant photo courtesy bigonlinenews.com1960s Morgan1960s Reliant

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  1. I think every generation has an automobile that is.. well, embarrassing! We had the Yugo in the 80’s and now the Smart car… 😂 Yikes!

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        • If I recall correctly, they were Fiats but made under license in Yugoslavia and marketed as Yugo. Quote from a Yugo (history of) book: “The Yugo was a small car made in the former nation of Yugoslavia that survives in the American consciousness as the ultimate automotive failure. Poorly engineered, ugly, and cheap, it survived much longer as a punch line for comedians than it did as a vehicle on the roads.”

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    • There is nothing wrong with a yugo! Hubby and I had one each, his a 45A and mine a 55A. Two of the best cars we ever had, fun, reliable, economical, and mine would take on black BMWs and win!
      Worst cars we had were SKODA FAVORITs………. I had an estate, and his father gave us his when he could no longer drive.
      Hubs always wanted a reliant robin though, and I told him he could have one………. just park it in the next street! 😀

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          • I’ve been thinking about this Yugo discussion and, in fairness to you (Di) and to you (Ilex), I think the difference is totally based on having differing parameters for comparison.

            When I lived in Peterborough (UK), there was Alconbury Air Base (USAF) about 12 miles away and so we often saw American cars around town. We used to run them down because they were huge, wallowed all over the place and were gas guzzlers. A total contrast to Hillman Imps, Triumph Heralds, Morris Minors etc.

            When we came to Canada, our perspective changed because, given the sheer size of both Canada and the US, the distances being driven were huge compared to average driving in the UK and one of the nicest cars that I ever owned was a Buick Century! It was big …. but was so spacious inside. It did wallow over bumps ….. but it was so comfortable (the backs on the seats were so thick and the suspension so soft). It was a gas guzzler ….. but gas prices were much lower than in UK.
            Overall, my Buick Century was great for an 8 hour journey. I cannot imagine sitting in my old Morris Minor for 8 hours!

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