Dear Diary – Page 81 (Early 1970’s – Brenda & Les)

We met Brenda and Les as a result of them moving into my old ‘van “Sea View*”. They were really amused at its name, given its location, and took full advantage of its possibilities when they had some visitors from the north of England.

The visitors arrived at night, and it was quite foggy so they could not see much but did apparently notice the name “Sea View”. Les and Brenda explained that yes, they had a wonderful view of the sea!

The view was in fact of a rather unkempt field which was owned by a local dairy, and used to keep their retired horses in!

Apparently, when the visitors woke up the next morning, the fog was just starting to disperse and there unfolding before them, was a view of a very old horse standing next to the fence and chomping away at the grass! Needless to say Brenda and Les had a good laugh.

We bumped into them again, because they were offered a Council house which was just around the corner to our house, and got to know them a little better.

Brenda was clearly the dominant one of the two. She was of small build, but had no qualms about throwing her wooden Scholls at Les if he was not paying attention when she talked to him! Les was totally absorbed with learning to play his acoustic guitar and, in general, did not seem to understand too much that was not musical, so one can imagine some regular conflicts. They both had quite a zany sense of humor….. and were totally irresponsible with money, but were basically honest!

They found themselves in a situation where debtors would line up at their front door on paydays in the hope of recuperating some past dues. There was never any spare money to give them and it was getting tiresome going through this every payday so Brenda hatched a plan.

The next payday, and when the line-up started, Les was to lay prostate on the floor near to the front door. Brenda would then open the door and, with her blonde hair, blue eyes, and her sweetest smile, would explain that she had just knocked him out and so perhaps they could come back at another time!

Given that they were hopeless with money, and electricity in those houses were “pay as you go” via a metered supply (you inserted coins for the electricity), they never had the coins when needed. Les decided to break into the meter and bypass it! Being the honest individual he was however, when he knew that the “meter man” was due to come and empty the meter, he would calculate what they owed and put that amount (in bills) into the coin box on the meter!

The poor “meter-man” probably scratched his head a few times just trying to figure things out!

When they were leaving that house (and we subsequently lost touch with them), she asked me around to see if I could patch some damaged doors. Who knows what she had been throwing around, but a number of doors had pretty bad “war wounds”. Flying wooden Scholls perhaps?

*See “Dear Diary – Page 77” – November 26, 2015

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  1. Oh they sound like quite the fun couple! I can just imagine what the debt collectors were thinking when they saw Les lying on the floor!
    I do have to ask, as I have different things flying through my mind, what is a wooden “Scholl’?

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