Dear Diary – Page 80 (Late 1960’s – Baby Carriage)

We had ordered a pram (baby carriage) and it was at the store waiting to be picked up as soon it was required. As soon as mother-to-be went into our local hospital, my youngest sister-in-law and I went to pick it up.

The lady shop assistant went into a back room to get it. When she came back, it looked like a cardboard box on wheels due to all the protective packing but, we were so excited at picking it up that we pushed it out of the store like that!

Due to a lack of alternatives, and not wanting to try and get it on a bus, we were going to walk it all the way home. We had only been walking around 10-15 minutes when I really wanted to see what it looked like again. I remembered it looking really smart in the store with its dark blue body; white contrasts, and sparkling wheels.

My sister-in-law was equally excited so we stopped at a lamp post, which had a small garbage can attached to it, and started to strip of the packing until we had filled the garbage can. We went a little further down the road and removed the rest of the packing (and filled another garbage can)!

1968 Pram

We had a lot of laughs and took turns to push the pram. I can only wonder at how many people we passed would have been surprised to learn that we were pushing an empty pram!


We knew that caravan living would not be our choice in the future due to the inevitable space limitations, and so we went on a waiting list for a house owned by the City of Peterborough. These were known as Council Houses and were then the most common rental properties available and priced very reasonably as there was no profit making interests when establishing fair rents.

The waiting list was quite long however, adjustments could be made based on needs. In our situation, the three of us in a caravan gave us some degree of priority. During the early part of the 1968/69 Winter, we noticed that the bedroom in the caravan had a damp problem. We tried to work around it by increasing ventilation there, but then there was an obvious heating problem. We ended up abandoning the end bedroom and, after having sent in some pics of our conditions, were moved up the priority list a little further!

We moved into our first house in 1970 and “baby equipment” came in really useful! I wanted to build a cabinet that would contain our stereo equipment; all our vinyl records, and two large speakers. There was a small problem of how to support the considerable weight involved, but some house building bricks provided the solution.

In order to “acquire” the necessary bricks, and as we did not own a car, we put Simon in his push-chair and off we went to where some houses were being built! When we got there, we took him out and loaded it up with 3 -4 layers of bricks. We then put his blanket over the bricks, and put him on top. It probably looked a little strange, and it certainly squeaked and groaned all the way home, but it did its job admirably!  Simon did not complain!

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  1. My parents has no pram in their lifttime. Living in the jungle has no advantage of wheels of a pram. LOL
    So, I was being carried all the time on the back of my mother, auntie, older cousins and my grandmother with a piece of cloth called as “sarung/sarong”. When my mother or the others working in the paddy field, I fell asleep quickly on the back because of their constant body movement. When I sleep, then the sarong had been hung and tied under one of the nearest tree and I still have the memories of looking up watching the sky and the leaves of the trees right up there – I was like nearly four and still sleeping in it until my mother gave up on it finally because I am getting heavier and older. LOL

    But all of my children has prams. They cannot imagine it that their mother has another life far away so different than them.

    Now, that pram is cute. Like in the old days and my mother in law has it in her cellar, belong to her kids and they used it too. It never break and until I had my daughter that it was then given to me. My husband only need to re-fix the wheel and some padding inside and some painting, I guess.

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