What’s in a name?

Here’s a thought!

I have always believed in treating people the way I would like to be treated. The theory is great but, sometimes, I fall a little short of that goal. The reasons are not that I have changed my mind, nor that “you” did something to trigger it, but always (as far as I know) a result of me simply reacting a little faster than my brain can think!

I give you that preamble in the hope that your reaction will be “Yes, I can relate to both the idea involved, and also to the times that I too fall short!”

Now to the Post:

I think most of you, like me, put significance on Comments received against your Posts. Not only is a Comment absolute proof that somebody visited your site (WP Stats are “creative” and often contradictory), but it also suggests a desire to express an opinion; suggest alternative perspectives, or simply just to encourage a dialogue on a particular topic.

Considering the number of Comments received since this Blog started in October, 2014, I have only exercised my “moderator power” once to block an inappropriate Comment. Comments clearly have a very high percentage acceptability and relevance!

Needless to say, I love reading what is on your mind after you read my Posts but, what I like just as much, because it establishes a more “personal” touch from wherever you are on our planet, is when you use my name! It is lovely to read a Comment from (e.g.) India which starts ‘Hi Colin” or “What were you drinking when you wrote that Post Colin?”

I know many of you by name, but there are so many of you who are anonymous. If that is by choice, then of course I must respect that. If however you too like a “first name” relationship, and if I have not used your name in a dialogue, it’s probably because I have nothing to work with other than your site address.

Please accept this Post as an invitation to share your first name with me. In return you will get a hug sent to you personally over the internet, and a more personal response to any Comments you care to make.

Just a thought.


42 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Hi Colin! Being that I am late to seeing this post I know that you already know my name, in fact you know more than 1 of my name’s! So you can pick whatever name you prefer. I just hope that its not too late for that hug across the miles. 🙂

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  2. Hi Colin,
    Point well made, but you have to be curious, click the avatar, and visit around a little too. In some cases you’ll find a name plastered everywhere. In others, the fun is in the detective work and engaging about the content out there.
    Happy New Year!

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    • I agree, but sometimes the site creator has, inadvertently or by design, not offered their name. Sometimes, the first name will “slip out” during a dialogue but, of course, not always. Then of course (I saved the best until last), a click on their site address and the location “has been deleted by the author” i.e. like your site! 🙂 kennedy.wordpress.com

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  3. Sort of obvious but it had to be this way for my “work”. Coming from a profession that required anonymity for the most part, it was a BIG change to throw it all out there for the world to view. But the rewards I receive from yours (well Ray’s, really) and all the other clever and well done blogs makes it all worth it. Thanks right back to you and please keep posting.

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  4. I think exactly the same, dear Colin! Whenever I know the name of the person I basically mention it (sometimes I miss it – shame on me!) But I think too that this is, what gives the connections a personal touch and which connects even more! Hugs to you, and Ray, Erika 😘

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  5. Hi Colin, agree with you about the personal touch in the comments and remember your email requesting my first name. Hope you, Carol and Ray have had a lovely Christmas. Hugs all round from our house (even if borrowed!) to yours. Hi paws for Ray from Maggie!

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  6. Er … OK Colin, me old matey, me old skipjack. I think I know you well enough by now to call you C.
    All the very best. K.
    P.S.. I very much agree with you anyway. Sometimes I get likes on newly published posts within a few nanoseconds. Nice to receive of course but I can’t cope with light-speed reactions.

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  7. “I have always believed in treating people the way I would like to be treated.” I believe the same. :d
    Well, hello there Colin! You already know my name. 😀
    Anyway, Merry Christmas! (Sorry for the late wishes.)

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  8. Hi Colin, It’s Kate but you probably knew that. I’m a fan of yours and an even bigger fan of Ray (sorry he’s more cuddly than you)! I agree with you about comments. I love other people’s point of view (as long as they are not obscene). The blogging community is very supportive and fun and have taught me so much!

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