Dear Diary – Page 90

1972 saw us in Essex having a 2-week holiday courtesy of my parents. If it was not for them, we would not have had a holiday as we simply could not have afforded one!

As they lived in a little village, it was lovely and quiet. They were also only a short train ride from Clacton so we were able to have some “sandy beach” time also!

Pic below is us at my parents’ home. Dress styles have changed just a little since then!

1972 Clacton

Given that we were on a very rigid budget, such things as washing machines and dryers were figments of our imagination. Drying was generally done on a clothes line in the back garden, but washing for the four of us (laundry) was rather labor intensive. We did however hear about an old washer that was being offered “free to a good home”. Our home was good!

1972 washerPhoto courtesy Google – Our machine was generally similar to the one in the pic but with one significant difference. Our lid had a big handle on top, connecting through the lid to a big paddle underneath! Once the machine was full and ready to go, you just stood there and turned the handle back and forth which agitated the dirty clothes! Genius! Our machine had a heater built into it as well, it so we could fill it with water and “cook the clothes” as necessary. Unadulterated luxury!

It was the subject of many conversations when people saw it!

Overall, we were getting by with frugal spending, and sense of humor, but the financial stresses ; the demands and responsibilities of two young children; the lack of a life outside of family and work, and the relationship issues, were all contributing to an unstable situation.

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  1. When I was first married, we didn’t have a washing machine and I used to do my laundry n the bath. Not a good idea when you’re trying to do sheets. The ex was then given his sisters’s old twin tub which was a godsend.

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  2. Yes, I’m also concerned about the fact that my days are getting shorter as I grow older. We had a washing machine with a roller for wringing the water out of the items – very effective it was too! I don’t recall that ours had a built-in heater, so maybe it was an earlier model.

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