Dear Diary – Page 91

One Saturday morning, my partner went into town to do some grocery shopping. I was home with the kids and was busy doing something (can’t remember what) in the house. In the early afternoon, I went outside into our back garden and sat on our wooden fence having a break. It was a lovely sunny day.

She suddenly appeared at the back garden gate and let herself in. As she walked down the path towards me, I noticed a distinct lack of any signs of shopping! She then proceeded to tell me that she had purchased a refrigerator!

C: “But you didn’t have enough money.”

J: “I wrote a cheque.”

C: “But there is no money in the bank.”

J: “It was a really good deal!”

C: “No doubt, but there is still no money in the bank.”

I decided to call the bank on Monday and explain the situation. They offered to allow the account to go into overdraft “just this once”.

Although we had talked about the idea of getting a refrigerator (they were considered a luxury item at that time), it was a total surprise when she actually did that!

1972 was the year that we were offered a 3-bedroom house on a new housing estate (new sub-division to North American readers). We went over to see it ….. and started to plan our move!

1972 was also the year that triggered the recent “Just a man” Post.



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