My Blog Secrets!

For anybody who is curious:

What Blogs do I “Follow”? – Pretty much any Blog that arouses my interest.

Do I read all your Posts? – No. Insufficient time.

How do I decide what to read? – The main guide is simply the first few lines of your Post. If it gets my attention, I will read on. If it is of marginal interest, then I will speed read until I either give up, or go back and read it thoroughly. Anybody who usually writes interesting Posts will be given the benefit of the doubt with marginal Posts, as will  “Followers” of this Blog.

What turns me off Posts? – Bad (obscene) language. I see no value in using obscenities unless the intent is to shock, and I am not interested in being shocked. From my perspective, using obscenities shows a lack of respect to readers around the world, and a lack of imagination in their writings.

Anything else? – Yes. Over simplification and/or false generalizations. “The whole world knows that … (etc)” is unrealistic unless the “whole world” has been surveyed.  “All men will agree that … (etc)” is an equally unrealistic statement. I have drawn the attention of a number of writers to these unsupported generalizations.

When do I “Like” your Posts? – Whenever I think that a Post has some level of interest to me.

When do I “Comment” on your Posts? – Whenever I feel that I have something to offer. It may not always be agreeable or supportive as I will quite readily suggest flaws in, or additional perspectives to, the logic presented. I will, however, always recognize that your creative style is nobody’s business but yours. Any of my “Comments” that appear to be negative are merely constructive observations which, if they make you think, have achieved their purpose.

On my Posts? I believe that if you have sufficient interest, and have taken a few moments of your time, to express yourself against one of my Posts, then the least I can do is acknowledge the fact. I know that I have not been 100% in this aspect, but I am working on it! Of course, and out of simple courtesy, I will often let you have the last word!

Questions, suggestions and thoughts are always welcome!

33 thoughts on “My Blog Secrets!

  1. Fun and interesting post to read and I was shaking my head in agreement with it! Never really thought I had “rules” but when stated like you did, I guess I do. I think Ray would add one more rule for other bloggers that you read and that is, “they should be dog lovers :)” LOL!

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    • I think we all have “rules” that we live by, although “guidelines” may be a better term to use. As for Ray’s feelings … I think that he would want all of his Followers to pre-qualify by sending him treats, and yes, Blogs that I Follow should also arrange treats for him. 🙂


  2. Now I really feel honored.. 😀

    My blog rules are… Wait should I have any? 😉
    I really don’t..

    When I have too much time to kill, read every post in my reader..
    During lack of time, visit the blogs of the few bloggers-turned-friends and get back to reading every post in my reader depending on time..

    Still I have this idea etched in my head, bit deeper than I could practically deal with.. If you follow someone, try the best to read their posts.. Maybe I’m taking the word “follow” too deeply, which is definitely not doing any good to me indeed..

    But I sure do have a negative list.. Delve too much on negativity or too personal rambles.. I’m out of the post.. 😉 Keep repeating it on every other post, I would rather unfollow..

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  3. Great list. We are alike in the way we approach posts. I would add one thing that is very important to me — wordiness. I have followed some bloggers who had great stories but it took them too long to get it out. That doesn’t mean I don’t like long posts but the verbiage has to be succinct or I lose interest. As for bad language, I’m with you. I don’t think the f-bomb has the same impact in writing that it has verbally but you can’t convince some people of that. One other point, I’m in love with Ray (and I’m a cat person)! You could write about scooping his poop and I’d be fascinated.

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  4. Well stated — good post! My only complaint about your blog is … that I still have to turn my iPad around in order to hit the “post comment” button! LOL Yours is the only one for which I must do that. 🙂 [Turn screen now]

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  5. Hello Colin,
    I really like the part of constructive comments to help fellow bloggers gain a broader perspective and improve. It is always a pleasure to read your blogs and know about Ray’s story and your Diary. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and life experiences 🙂

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