Dear Diary – Page 95

(Continued from Dear Diary – Page 94)

We bought a load of paint and started with the washrooms, and hall areas nearby, and all seemed to go well. We discussed the high ceiling and it was decided that I would be the one continually going up and down the ladder painting it! The problem was that from any given ladder position, I could only reach so far so the ladder had to be continually moved around.

Fortunately, the roof was supported by exposed large steel girders so they made the perfect support for the ladder as I slowly moved across a section of ceiling.

Unfortunately, I started getting lazy and reached out rather more than I should have. I remember so well the ladder moving in the opposite direction to me until it lost contact with the roof girder and fell to the floor. I still remember going down with the ladder and seeing my can of paint go flying across the floor. I also remember getting up from the floor in shock … that I had survived the incident unscathed. That ceiling must have been around 20-25ft high!

We noted later that one good bit of planning we did was to roll up the carpets before I started on the ceiling! The tiled floor needed a good clean after that incident but then we continued.

When we had finished, we noted that “oily” looking drips had appeared on the walls outside the washrooms. I had not seen anything like that before so we just washed them off, and let the synagogue people know that we had finished. They inspected our workmanship a few days later and called us back to repaint the walls outside the washrooms. We did!

Did we make any money? Yes… a little! It really was not worth the time and effort for what we made, but it was certainly an experience which will never be forgotten.

It was not long after that experience, that he came over once again, and showed me a number of photographs of doors in various Israeli houses. The doors had been “upholstered” in various fabrics and created an interesting “quilted” effect.

B: “Can you do that?”

C: “Do what?”

B: “Make doors look like these?”

To be continued….

18 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Page 95

  1. Oh my gosh! How sore were you the next day? Can’t believe you didn’t suffer anything more than just sore muscles and perhaps bruises?
    Curious now about the next project, covering doors sounds safer, but yet with the adventures that you have had, who knows! 🙂

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    • If you mean the one that collapsed…. my track record is much better! If you mean the one that is continually being painted… the synagogue was only painted once by me. As for the “lead in” to Page 96? That was a less strenuous, less lucrative, non-event… but an interesting experience regardless! 🙂


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