Ray’s Winter Boots!

Guess who had to wear his boots!

P1080038CRIt’s that time of year again when we (humans) look at all the smooth surfaces that we have created with asphalt and concrete; the snow and ice that is now accumulating on those same surfaces; the resulting potential financial liability if somebody slips and hurts themselves, and decide that we should spread salt crystals and other snow and ice melting chemicals everywhere.

Poor Ray, no doubt like most dogs, is vulnerable to problems under these conditions. A salt crystal that gets wedged between his pads is going to be an issue. If the salt has done its job and melted Mother Nature’s winter gift to us, then the resulting watery “mess” will burn on his pads if he walks through it. The solution is obviously boots, given that he is far too big to be carried over the problem areas!

Ray does not like his boots, despite the fact that their color does compliment his coat, and they even match his personal backpack! However, as with anything else revolving around Ray, he will allow his boots to be put on… with the appropriate treats.

Once on, and when he is outside in the back garden (he routinely pees there before going out on a walk), he bounds around like a jack rabbit with very high kicks from his back feet! After a few seconds, and just after we have watched one boot go flying across the garden, we realise that he is simply trying to get rid of them!

P1080037CRI could say that he accepts them really well and acknowledges what a good job they do, and he clearly appreciates us for buying them for him …but the above photo does not exactly support an enthusiastic response does it!

We also have some cream to rub on his pads which forms a barrier against the chemicals, but he is not too thrilled with that either!

It must be so difficult for Ray to understand why he is getting this unpleasant attention, but one can only imagine what torment other creatures have to endure as a result of our desire to melt Winter’s gifts to us!


22 thoughts on “Ray’s Winter Boots!

  1. Ray, I feel for you buddy. Once when my toenail was bleeding badly and I had to go to the vet (where they removed said nail) Mom wrapped my paw round and round with gauze and taped it all together. Within 1 minute in the car I had the whole thing off.

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    • Hi Daisy: We bought Muttluks on the basis of a recommendation from one of the Humane Society trainers. They are quite expensive, but then he has not destroyed them as he probably would a less expensive pair. Hunter will probably need lots of treats while allowing you to put them on him, and he will almost certainly be quite entertaining as he initially tries to walk in them!

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  2. Ray, those are awesome boots for protecting your feet. I kindly ask, as your friend, for scientific observation only, that you have your mom or dad video you when you first go outside with your boots on. Seeing as I have no need for boots in Florida, I can’t get a full visual in my mind. *ear licks* Noodle

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