Ray- The Book update 11

This really is not a book update because, at this point in time, I am just waiting to hear from FriesenPress. I did however think that the following information may be enlightening to those of you who are contemplating your first book, and those who have said book well in progress. To anybody who has a book already published, it may well stir a few memories!

I started writing Ray’s book in March 2014, and had a reasonable complete draft (in my opinion!) ready by March 2015. I circulated it around family and friends and the feedback dictated a major re-write which took me to October at which time I signed a contract with Friesen Press.

The staff at FriesenPress had a totally different perspective and also made many suggestionsΒ  (all of which were valid) which, again, dictated many significant changes and the text was finalized in January 2016.

There were a number of issues at that point in the areas of over-looked grammatical errors, and book cover text, layout etc. which eventually all came together in February. At last we were ready, and for an estimated March publishing date!

Sadly, that was not the case as I noticed a few more grammatical errors and FriesenPress drew my attention to a potential copyright issue with one chapter!

At the beginning of this month, everything was again ready for the final process of publishing, which is what I am waiting to hear about now!

From March 2014 to April 2016 ?Β  It is so much easier writing a book, than it is to get it published! πŸ™‚

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  1. I think that’s one of the reasons why I never pursued publishing. I always thought the business side of it would take away the fun of writing and I didn’t want that to happen. No one in my family understands that and they continue to “encourage” me to do something but I remain reluctant. I do it for fun.
    I’m sorry it’s been so frustrating but you must be excited about the end result, especially if it’s near..:)

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  2. Writing is always the easy part. When I first started blogging, I could write something in 15 minutes but it took me an hour to find and post an accompanying picture. I’ve started a few books but always trashed them early on. I decided to try submitting my work for publishing in periodicals. Talk about rejection! You are to be commended for sticking it out. The final product will be wonderful (I’ve read so many books with tons of grammatical/spelling errors) and I am looking forward to it.

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