Busy! Busy! Busy!

With immediate effect, I am not expecting to be doing much in the way of Posts or responding to Comments however, be assured that after about a couple of weeks, things should be back to normal. In the meantime, and with the holiday season approaching very fast, please consider the book lovers/readers on your list Continue reading


Welcome 2018!

Do some of you ever think back to twenty or thirty years ago, and wonder how you actually made it to 2018? Continue reading

Emotional writings (and book review)!

Again, I had no Post readily available for today (too pre-occupied with book stuff and other aspects of my life!) but when I logged in at just after 5:00am this morning… there it was… an email which would be the basis for today’s Post. Continue reading

Ray- The Book update 11

This really is not a book update because, at this point in time, I am just waiting to hear from FriesenPress. I did however think that the following information may be enlightening to those of you who are contemplating your first book, and those who have said book well in progress. To anybody who has a book already published, it may well stir a few memories! Continue reading

Ray – The Book update 10

The book is in the very final stages before being released. I just had a long chat with my contact at Friesen Press, and am continually amazed at all the stuff I never thought about when publishing a book! Continue reading