A Life Tool-Box?

It seems to me that in order to be effective at anything, we need an appropriate tool-kit. An auto mechanic is an obvious example as without some key tools, he simply cannot do his job. Even walking Ray must include a tool-kit. We need treats, poop-bags, his collapsible water bowl and a bottle of water. We also need some less obvious tools for his walk to be effective such as a route planner which may strategically include an additional agenda (we’re almost out of bread), and we must bring our learnings about dog behavior in general, together with Ray’s specific sensitivities, along for the walk.

This line of thinking raised an interesting question: If I knew somebody in their teens, and I wanted to give them a tool-box full of the necessary tools to get them through their life, what would I put in it? My thoughts are below.

Sense of humor: You never know when circumstances are going to be less than to your liking, and the Sense of Humor tool may well be necessary to work through them towards better times.

A Little Money: Sadly it is necessary to survive in our culture however, the more you haveโ€ฆ the more you will worry about losing it. You only need sufficient to fill your basic needs. Any more should be treated as a gift and used appropriately.

Understanding (with Compassion add-on): This is a quite complex tool, and may take some time to use it effectively. ย It is invaluable when interacting with others, especially those who are less fortunate than you. It will help you to see that they are a product of their environment just as you are a product of yours. The fact that the two environments are very different is nothing more than an opportunity to learn about others. The Compassion add-on tool gives you the ability to not only understand another personโ€™s situation, but allows you to relate to it sensitively.

Self Esteem: This is an important tool because a healthy self-esteem is very important for a productive and effective life. If we think negatively about ourselves, then our life-effectiveness is compromised.

Pride Control: This is a really important tool because it reminds us that we never know everything. It makes us aware that there are always lessons to be learned either from circumstances or from other people. If you lose this tool, your life will be fraught with antagonism and frustrations.

Perseverance: This will give you the patience and determination necessary to not give up on adverse and/or difficult circumstances.

Dreams: Absolutely critical for any life tool-box because if you do not have dreams, then you will be detouring around so many potential opportunities.

Please feel free to add more tools if you think of any!

Food for thought.

19 thoughts on “A Life Tool-Box?

  1. I think this toolbox is filled with very important things! Thanks for sharing! Especially the self – esteem. You need to love yourself, not in a Prideful boastful, I ‘m the best kind of way, but you need to appreciate yourself for who you are. The faults and the good qualities! For if we can’t love ourselves, how can we truly love others? And we are constantly seeking for things to fill our empty holes which can’t be filled by outside things.

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    • Thx JR for your comments. I especially liked your last sentence. There are so many people who try and buy their own happiness with new clothes, a new toy etc. etc., but true long term happiness cannot be bought. Why is that difficult for some people to grasp???? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. All great tools to have in that box. Colin. I love what you wrote about the money. More than we need should be shared! And pride control, oh yes, how easier would life be if we exchanged pride with dignity.

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    • Hi Erika – I was curious to see your comments! It is sad that there are many people with more money than they need, and yet it just sits in a financial institution possibly slowly growing. I believe that money serves no purpose unless it is used in some way. $50,000.00 in the bank (with no goal in mind) is doing nothing but make a profit for the bank, and generating interest for the owner. Instead of having $50,000.00 doing nothing, the owner now has $52,500.00 doing nothing! It will be a great inheritance for somebody to probably squander. It would be so nice and rewarding for the owner to use that money in whatever area they are attuned to. One can only imagine the sense of satisfaction that it could give if used in a philanthropic way. There is so much need in the world in general, and in every one of our respective countries.

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    • Hi Chris – Permission denied! A portable library will not be appreciated by some, and I try and avoid promoting the concept of “freebees”…. even health insurance! We are more likely to respect our own health to some degree if we know that neglecting it could cost us big time! Also, the concept of paying (e.g.) $200.00/mo is generally feasible, in contrast to the potential for a $5000.00 medical bill. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Although it’s woven in your list I would add kindness as it’s own category. There isn’t enough of that in the world. Sometimes you don’t understand why someone is doing something (because it looks stupid to you) but they are seeing or experiencing something different. Giving people the benefit of the doubt goes a long way.

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