Spring is here!

In our part of the world (S. Ontario), it may be a little premature to celebrate Spring at this time, but we are having wonderful weather so who cares!

The problem with our Spring is that temperatures can now easily reach 18-20C (64-68F), but can also drop to 5-6C (41/42F), and therein is a problem. We just love the “higher numbers” but then 5-6C seems quite cold by comparison and we may well complain.

It is an interesting aspect of human nature that we can complain about 5C in April, and conveniently forget how we celebrated a day time high of 2C (35/36F) not too long ago after experiencing an “arctic air mass” (a weatherman term!).

In July, when we may well have temperatures in the high 30’sCΒ  (95/100F) and with a high humidity, we will look forward to the cooler Fall and even Winter weather. In the Winter, then of course we complain about the cold and look forward to the Spring and Summer weather. As a species, we really do leave a lot to be desired in our expectations!

Adjusting is really not as big a task as one might think as, like many other aspects of life, it is simply a mind set. If you can get your head around the fact that life can be enjoyed regardless of theΒ  circumstances (including the weather which we have no control over anyway), then the situation changes completely.

bbq 001

Who says you can’t bbq sausages at -20C (-4F)! Life is good!


24 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. I don’t know if were coming or going over here in the UK at the moment. Inside the boat today it has reached 26 degrees. We have all the doors and windows open and at least we have a through breeze. Last night, the temperature dropped to 5, and Hubby was cold so got the sleeping bag out. It didn’t help that we’ve put the duvet away for the Summer now. Thermals or shorts anyone?

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  2. After 10 days straight of rainy weather, we have gotten out our ark. The meanest thing that Spring can do is give you a preview of warm days only to take them away for a run of under average days to freeze you buns off.

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  3. Love your perspective! Glad that I never complain about the weather, haha! But do have to say you would not find me barbequing sausages at -4 degrees!! If I was, it would be hard for me to smile over my chattering teeth!

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  4. No way, nuh-uh, my mind set is such that I start complaining when the temps start dropping below a comfortable 25C. Haha, no really, life is good at any temperature, but it gets way better at slightly higher numbers.

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