You just never know!

A dear friend of many years (I have known her since her early teens!) has recently surprised me.

I cannot give you too much information about her for reasons of privacy however, suffice to say that she has had a challenging life in many ways. She has been confronted with circumstances that I would not want anybody to experience and, in her case, possibly the most traumatic was in her early teens, and just after I got to know her.

We eventually sponsored her, and her then husband, to emigrate from the UK to Canada and she lived here for many years.Β  During her time here, there were relationship issues and, relatively recently, she chose to return to the UK and married once again.

She was always a very artistic individual and her “new life” has allowed her to once again express herself creatively. She asked me if I would mind if she sketched a picture of Ray from a photograph. I not only had no objections, but I thought it was wonderful that her creative side was once again being utilized. Having seen a few of her sketches/drawings of many years ago, I was really curious to see just what she could do now. To say I was impressed would be a bit of an understatement.

I copied her sketch from her Facebook page and pasted it into Paint. I then added the border and the shading in the corners just to “present” it. What do you think? Is that girl talented or what!Ray Drawing 3

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  1. What a charming post. Introducing the artist as you did, was very informative yet private, No easy task. The picture of Ray is outstanding! She could sell her drawings for quite the sum. The eyes, the whiskers but I think the eyes got me right away. The eyes are usually so difficult to draw but your friend made it look easy.


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  2. Wow and wow! This lady is more than good. I am vastly impressed. You must post haste and get her to draw Ray on paper or what ever it is that she draws on. Frame it to show to its best advantage. Make sure she signs the drawing. I would pay to have her draw some of my pets- that is if I could afford her. She needs to get a WP web site and advertise her work as many people do.

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  3. This is a beautiful drawing!!! It looks like you can just reach out and touch the hair! I am always impressed with people who have artistic talent, being that I most definitely do NOT fall into that category!

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