Ships that pass in the night?

Are blogosphere relationships anything more than “ships that pass in the night”?

If two ships passed each other unseen on a dark night in the middle of an ocean, they would know the other ship’s name; what course it was on; where it was headed, and probably its purpose. Are bloggers any different in that they only know some basic information about each other?

It has recently crossed my mind just how much I look forward to your Comments for, not only do they prove that a Post had some value, but it also brought us a little closer (figuratively speaking).

There are many times when a Comment includes a little bit of information about you. You may be really relating to my circumstances; perhaps you experienced similar events only the other week, or perhaps you learned something that was totally new to you.Β  All those Comments help me to build a “picture” of you, just as my Posts are offering pieces of information as to who I am!

I just recently learned of a revelation a Follower had a number of years ago. I am also aware of traumatic events in a number of Followers’ histories. Some of you have gone beyond posting Comments, and have occasionally emailed me with whatever was on your mind at that time.

Some of you go back to this Blog’s early days in 2014 and it is much like hearing from “old friends” when you Comment. Just recently, and for reasons unknown to me, by base of Followers suddenly increased. This is exciting because once they get comfortable with the “culture” here, I shall look forward to reading their Comments and getting to know them a little better.

It is quite possible that I shall never meet any of you “face to face”, but that has no reason to stop us appreciating mutual dialogues and learning from, and about, each other.

Are we nothing more than “ships that pass in the night”? Sometimes perhaps, but in many cases I would have to say no. For those of you who knowingly, or unknowingly, are sharing more than a name, a course, a heading and a purpose…. thank you. It is a real pleasure getting to know you, and the fact that you are scattered around the world and represent different cultures really is the icing on the cake”!

Food for thought.

47 thoughts on “Ships that pass in the night?

    • Thank Taryn, and welcome. Whereas this Blog is generally focused around Ray, I do sometimes go off in different directions in order to keep life interesting and (hopefully) encourage thought provoking Comments. πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice post – I’ve made some lovely online friendships and two great friendships in real life after ‘meeting’ via social media. I always love the idea that we can recognise similar feelings in people from different cultures across the planet πŸ™‚

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  2. I think blog friendships are different from the relationships we form with people we see face to face, but they are just as valuable. I like the insight and support I get from those who comment on my posts, and the different perspectives I get from other people’s blogs. I had no idea these friendships would happen, especially with people around the world, when I started my blog, but I’m sure glad they did!

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    • Hi Ann – I totally agree with your sentiments, and have no doubt that most (if not all) other people reading your Comments will also agree with you. The world is getting smaller per se which I believe is a good thing as different cultures realize that they have more in common than they have in differences!


  3. Great post, Colin and my sentiments exactly. I have followed about 10 maybe 15 bloggers since the day I found their blogs. I faithfully comment on each and every blog of about 7 bloggers. I have wanted to increase my “loyal” comments but presently I just don’t have the time nor the energy. The folks that I never miss have become cyber friends and I like several of them probably more than my actual friends. Folks that don’t blog have no idea of what makes blogging so unique.

    I hope Carol is continuing to improve.

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    • Hi Yvonne. It is always nice to hear from you, but you obviously must get a healthy balance re your available time and energy. There’s only so much time in a day to do things so that becomes a matter of priorities and, as for energy levels, your health is No. 1. Do whatever is best for you, and it is up to the rest of us to adjust our expectations accordingly.

      Carol is improving at a consistent rate and is already walking two blocks with the aid of a “frame” (which she does not really use, but is with her just in case she needs support or to sit for awhile)…. and Ray is pretty much “glued” to her side!

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  4. It is so true! Do you ever wonder what brought certain people to your blog, and, once there, why they follow? Their blog doesn’t seem to have anything to do with animals or what we write about, so it is always a mystery, even if we are glad they are visiting.

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  5. I had a few here whom are really that close to me than the reality friends I got.
    First reason was because we are all alike – we are writers, poets & artists.
    We understand each other when other friends are unlikely to understand you that much – not up to certain level, I mean.
    Second, we are seems to be able to open up more here than elsewhere perhaps because the other person does not have to face you and the feeling of humiliation is not far too worse than this.
    Third, these sort of blogoteers friends never expecting too much of our appearance and seems to fully understand if we all suddenly disappeared for awhile, comes up and get excited over everything, never judging and always that understanding as all of us have a life of our own and many has responsibilities, troubles and problems, and so on … But they seems to always be there and understand us in every sense … it seems …

    I am happy to be here and having to get to learned of many wonderful friends with wonderful personalities.

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  6. Many times I feel closer to my blog friends who I have never met (and for all I know are axe murderers) than my next door neighbor. With blogs we get connected with people with the same interests and I, too, am surprised at how much you know about people (without that stalky feeling). I had three woman bloggers lose their husbands over the past year. One told us that she was shutting down the blog at least for a while. She was in her 80s and had many decisions to make (where to live, etc.) The other went silent for three months. Many bloggers do not have contact info so it’s difficult to follow up. Finally she surfaced last week. Another was a young woman. I see her occasionally on facebook but she hasn’t been up to blogging since. Ray is quite the chick magnet. BTW did he ever reconcile with Melanie? I remember her first visit didn’t go well.

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    • Ray and Melanie are poles apart. The main problem is simply distance as Melanie lives on the West coast so the opportunities for both of them to get to know each other are minimal. Rather than risk another conflict (which could almost certainly be guaranteed), I go to visit Melanie. πŸ™‚

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  7. I feel the same about my followers and those I follow. I have had some interesting ‘firsts’ recently from new places, and had to look a couple up on the map! The blogging world is vast, but not in distance as we are here at the touch of a button. I’m pleased to feel amongst friends.

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  8. I have wondered the same thoughts. I would like to add a bit to the mix. When we read each others communications, we are dealing with genuine, targeted ideas, and therefore we are dealing personally with our “faceless’ friends. The part of this arrangement that bothers me the most is how easily and completely one can slip off the radar and the reasons behind the disappearance could never be known. Whatever the potential pitfalls may be, I know that I will continue to take my chances with the arrangement. I hope that Carol is healing well, and give Ray a pat for me ! ; )

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    • Hi William: “Slipping off the radar” is indeed sad, although there could be many reasons for it that are positive to that individual. I have a small number of Followers who have used my email address for expressing themselves. This does allow me to follow up on Followers who have suddenly gone uncharacteristically very quiet. Who would have known that this could all develop from starting a blog about a dog? I would never have guessed! πŸ™‚

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      • It is easier to communicate openly here because there is a degree of anonymity. Also, of course, we are not confronted with negative body language or images which drive preconceived responses. With this specific Blog, all Comments are moderated so anything inappropriate would never get published. Having said that, and since this Blog was started in October 2014, I have only blocked one Comment. I have a wonderful group of Followers! Welcome! πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, it seems that most people pretty much say what is on their mind and I believe that a part of that is encouraged by the nearly anonymous nature of the system. For many, that fact makes it easier to simply fade away. For some who reside in the worlds most dangerous neighborhoods with whom I have built a reperotoire , I cannot help but imagine the worst. This blogging business has taught me that the world is large and small, strong and weak, Idyllic on one hand and far more dangerous for some than others. {on the other hand} I am pleased to meet you ! ; )

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  9. Talk about many different emotions in a short amount of time! I had read your email and comments on my post before reading this. I will be HONEST and say this is a beautiful post and that I am glad you started to blog. Life definitely has been more ……(you know I have trouble with finding the right words a lot) with your friendship and meeting Melanie through you.
    One day I do hope we can meet face to face!

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  10. I share similar feelings, Colin. Blog relationships can be like chatting to your next door neighbour over the fence. It would be lovely to meet you and Ray and Carol in the flesh one day. For now … Well chatting in a garden called Cyberspace is pretty neat. The important thing is to keep the communication going. That is what all the best peace-makers do. All the best. Kris.

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