“Turn! Turn! Turn!”

“Nothing in this life is without a purpose. Not even a leaf falling from a tree”

The above quote came from Erika Kind’s Blog (https://erikakind.me/2016/09/) and made me think about the old Byrds hit “Turn! Turn! Turn!” (1965) which included “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”. This in turn reminded me that the lyrics to “Turn! Turn! Turn!” originated in The Book of Ecclesiastes (Chapter 3).

The concept of there being a reason for everything did, in my mind, take a giant leap of logic and resulted in the fact that if my Mom and Dad had not worked together in Lewis’ Department Store in Birmingham (UK), I would never have met any of you! If Adolf Hitler had not risen to power, I may not have met any of you!

My Mom got a job at Lewis’ (I belief the gardening section) and my Dad was her supervisor. This all happened before WWII broke out in 1939. As England became more involved in the hostilities, my Mom and Dad, not knowing what their future would hold, decided to get married and quite few years later, I was born. Would they have married without the war? Probably, but who knows!

If I had not failed the medical for my Merchant Navy career, and subsequently returned to Peterborough (UK) to work, I would have never met my (now ex) wife. This meant that I would not be here in Canada, as it was one of her relatives that sponsored us in 1975!

If she had not chosen a different path, I would have never met Carol and, without Carol’s encouragement, would have never contemplated a dog! Ray and I would never have met, and this Blog would not exist today.

Of course there are many, many other variables which I could logically attribute to my current situation, but then this Post would be much too long! Imagine though, if I my Mom had not decided to apply for a job at Lewis’ Department Store!

The next time you are relaxing, and giving your mind, body and soul a break from your world, you might perhaps dwell on the events that contributed to bringing you in contact with me and Ray?

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”. Whoever wrote the original version of that was a very perceptive individual!

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  1. I found your blog at a crazy season in my life. In getting to know you, happiness was brought my way and it led to me learning to know Melanie, which brought more happiness. The happiness also led to a different type of craziness. All combined it has led to many smiles as I go through these days and to think it all started from a blog about a man and his dog.
    Looking forward to the continued journey πŸ™‚

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  2. I would love to say something profound here. But I am so profoundly touched that all is said by your wonderful way of explaining that nothing happens just so. Everything leads us to a new destination which again is the starting point for another one. Whatever happened in our life brought us to the point we are today – in where we are and what we are. All is well! Thank you for this post, Colin!

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  3. I have no idea how I found you but that’s true of my blogger’s I follow. It just happens. Maybe you liked one of my posts or I saw one of your witty comments on someone else’s. I have a soft spot in my heart (and my head) for rescued animals and your story is so great. I have a lot of respect for someone who is willing to compromise to socialize an animal.

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