Where is the Fall?

We have had record breaking temperatures around here this Summer and, apart from a few days break, we are still into above normal temperatures!

After Ray’s trip down to the lake the other evening, and when we got back into the garden and after I had removed his leash and harness, he just flopped here!


I guess hard concrete slabs take on a whole new cool (literally) perspective under these conditions!

Our weather people keep predicting drops in temperature and humidity but, if it happens at all, it is usually only for 1 -2 days. Poor Ray is probably wondering what on earth us humans have done to the climate around here!

Hopefully, lower temperatures and falling leaves are not too far away for Ray. He loves his leaves!

39 thoughts on “Where is the Fall?

    • Oh the trail indeed! He throws himself into leaf piles and rolls around, then he is quite likely to take a mouthful and throw them into the air. He is a great big happy “kid” when the leaves are on the ground! 🙂


    • Yup ……. us to! I don’t have a real problem with the heat, but add that humidity and it becomes oppressive. I am the same in Winter in that I have no problem with the extreme low temperatures, but add a moisture content and it becomes a problem. I have fond memories of the Swiss Alps wearing shorts and shirt……. but it was a very “dry” cold!

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  1. We must be on some sort of weird pre-Fall heat wave. It’s 93 here and 75% humidity. To go outside is like having a hot, wet, towel thrown in your face. Very difficult to breathe. I pity the animals in their fur coats. I’ve been keeping Maggie in. She does not do well in extreme weather. Love to all! Woof!

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  2. You are making it harder for me to read the daily posts when I am not at home and in a weak signal area by using a link in the broadcast email to read the rest of the post. But don’t stop posting! – just annoying when you have to wait to read the last few lines.
    Regards Roy

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