Happy Birthday …

… to me!

Yes… 70 years ago today, and rather early in the morning, I arrived into this world and, my word,  haven’t things changed since then! So how do I feel about being 70? A little confused!

The thing is, from my perspective, 70 is quite old but I don’t feel in synch with my perspective. I know people who are generally around my age, but they look much older! I guess we see what we want to see but, even studying myself in the mirror, and noting the additional skin lines, the loose skin around my eyes, the fast escaping hair etc etc,. I still don’t see myself the same way that I see other 70 year old men! They are all looking old!

I hope that these revelations are some comfort to my younger Followers who are secretly dreading getting old because, to be really honest, there is nothing to dread! Really! I love it! The thing is, you should have some kind of plan, which really should not be a major challenge.

To start with, recognize how important your health is and do whatever you can to maintain good health. If you don’t live to be old, you will miss out on so much pleasure and so many opportunities! Your health should be an immediate priority because poor habits now, may not be reversible in  the future.

We live in a financially dependent society and, whether we like it or not, it is highly unlikely to change. It is important to recognize the ramifications of that for later years because you will need an income after you have either retired, or simply been replaced by a younger mind! This is very difficult to come to terms with when in ones 20’s, but decisions really should be made as early as possible.

Will you be able to live, how you want to live, on what your Government will give you as a pension? If the answer is “No!”, then now is a good time to start diverting a small amount of money on a regular basis into something that will accumulate interest ….. and let it accumulate interest… don’t touch it! Better still, if you have an option of contributing to a private pension plan, then take it!

Imagine going into your 60’s with good health, and knowing that your financial future is assured!

My life now consists of taking various medications on a regular basis, and doing pretty much whatever I choose to do, and knowing that money will appear in my bank account every month!

I do not live a life of material luxury, but I am very comfortable. I do not socialize much, but I have quite a few good friends. My Toyota RAV4 gets me around, and has been doing that since I purchased it in 2001!  I expect that it will be my last motor vehicle, but I have a number of bicycles and may even get an electric bike to replace the RAV4 for those longer or faster journeys!

I get to walk to our downtown and admire the lake whenever I want, and can stop for a latte whenever the mood takes me. On a warm day I can take Ray to The Kings Arms (outdoor patio) and indulge in pub food and drink.

I can plan all my appointments such that I avoid rush hour traffic. Cold blustery winter days can be spent indoors, but glorious summer days can be spent outside. Shoveling snow can generally be done whenever I feel like it, as can taking care of our garden. I would not wish anybody’s life to accelerate into the senior years, but it is certainly a time that can be looked upon with a degree of excitement!

Just imagine…. the freedom to do whatever you want, and whenever you want to do it!

Just imagine! All those things that you really  want to do (but currently cannot due to an 8 hour day / 5 day working week) you will be able to do!

My thoughts to me? “Happy Birthday Colin! You have had quite the life, and I have no doubt that things are not going to change. I know you only too well!”



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  1. Happy belated birthday, Colin!!! Sorry for the delay, it seems some of WordPress emails got “misplaced.” I loved your advice to the younger generations and your description of your life these days. Those things certainly do go hand in hand.
    Enjoy your next 70 years with as much health and happiness as you can muster😊

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    • It seems to me that there is no reasonable alternative to thinking positively. We are all going to age and pay the price of aging in probably numerous ways, and we are all going to leave this life one day. The choice therefore is either to celebrate what you have and make the best use of whatever time is left, or dwell on what you can no longer do and dread the future for what it might bring. I would suggest that the right answer is a bit of a “no-brainer”! 🙂

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  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Colin! I know what you mean about the disconnect between knowing you are 70 and feeling like it … I am 65 and do NOT feel like I should be that old. Sometimes when I pass a mirror, I glance and wonder “who is that ol’ hag and who let her into my house?” Hope your birthday celebration was wonderful!

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  3. Colin, I’m going to be honest…it took a while for me to realize this wasn’t Ray talking – you know the whole 1 dog year / 7 human years theory. And the losing hair comments had me very worried about Ray’s health.
    Once I realized it was you I had to start over at the beginning. Remember when 30 was old or 40 or 50? I remember when my Mom turned 35 I thought she was so old. Now I can think back to when I was 35 and realize how young that is!
    Great advice on saving for retirement. If only I had listened to my parents tell me in my 20’s, “If you invest $2000 a year into an IRA you will have millions by the time you retire.”
    Happy birthday, Colin! Hope it’s the best one yet.

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    • You are not the first person to confuse Ray and I over various Posts. I always have a smile at that, and it gives me an opportunity for a creative response! Many thanks for your well wishes, and be assured that all three of us (yes Ray had to be included) had a wonderful day! 🙂

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  4. Happy birthday, Colin! What a peaceful life. Such wonderful advice! Just being content with what you have and you have it all – you truly have it all. What more do we need than a health which lets you do what you love to do and enjoy every day. I think the simpler life is the happier we are.

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  5. Happy birthday Colin. I turned 70 in June and my wife in December. I feel like you, 70 is supposed to be old but it doesn’t feel like it. We live about the same, only things I thought were really important earlier in life don’t seem so important. Have a very Happy Birthday.

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    • Hi Peyton and many thanks. Yes… at 70, one has (hopefully) learned what is really important in life, and can therefore stop wasting precious time (and money) on really irrelevant stuff! I think it might be known as wisdom perhaps???? 🙂


  6. What a great post! Happy Birthday. Your advice is very helpful and likely timely. Working from home, I am able to do some of those things already, but can see the benefits of what you say. Have a great day!

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  7. How ironic to read this post when I awoke. This morning I woke up the usual early time, and let Yule outside to do his thing. It seemed cold, and a little dark, and I said to myself, “why not go back to bed?” I did just that, and laid in bed for another 30 minutes or so with Yule cuddling next to me. I was thinking of those people heading off to work, and there I was enjoying a little extra morning time in my bed. Happy Birthday!

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  8. Great post! From your pictures I was surprised that you are turning 70. Still looking good (and healthy). You are 3 months older than me. I don’t like the number but as long as it doesn’t manifest itself in my body I’m ok (really nothing you can do about it anyway). There is a blissful freedom with retirement. Some days I can’t take the smile off of my face (and I loved my job!). Today I will finish winterizing the pond….or not….depends. How on earth did I get everything done when I worked full time? Happy birthday and may you share you “cake” with Ray! He is keeping you young too.

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  9. Happy Birthday dear friend! Yes, if I didn’t know you were 70, I never would guess it! Keep up your great attitude, your sharp wit, and perspective on life and you will continue to keep people guessing about your age.
    Enjoy your day and have a latte for me 🙂

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  10. Have a wonderful day! 😁😃
    I have dreaded getting older, then at the same time, can’t wait for 62. Our dang gov pulled the rug out from under us and penalized retiring now until 70. They should have done it for folks being born, not in the middle of the game for me. It’s like moving the finish line after the race began! No, I was smart and have saved, totally not depending on social security (ha, such a backwards term!), however I have had it deducted from my check for the last 50 years…. I want it back!
    The funny thing is I don’t recognize myself in photos now that my looks have changed. I’m still looking for that hot 21 year old 😉 I look in the mirror and don’t see me… I see this old lady I take care of 😂

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