Poor Ray!

Poor Ray sees the world very simplistically and very literal.

We have walked to our local food store so many times now that, when one of us leaves to go into the food areas, he is relatively happy to stay with the other one.

The other day we drove to another area, which we thought would be a nice change of scenery for Ray. On the way back, we decided to stop at our food store to pick up a few things. I left Ray in the car with Carol and, as I walked across the parking area and into the store, I could hear Ray vocalizing his disapproval.

I can only assume that, as we drove instead of walked, he does not see the store as the place he has been to so many times, but rather this is a new experience of one of “the gang” disappearing behind some strange doors!


Above: “Mom……….. where’s Dad gone?”


Above: “I can’t see him. Just lots of other people!”


Above: “Are we going to just sit here? Shouldn’t we be doing something?”

11 thoughts on “Poor Ray!

    • Seriously? No we haven’t! It’s really a matter of time available, priorities and (of course) Ray’s comfort zone. My biggest priority at the moment is promoting Ray’s book which is very time consuming. I could have contracted that out to a publicist but it was just too expensive, so somehow I have to make the whole world aware that his book exists!!!! :).


  1. I see you have moved on the the “Mom” and “Dad” roles. 🙂 Join the club. Yes, it can be very easy to make “from the dog” comments from those facial and body expressions!

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