The Wish List?

Today I am going to quote from the book about Ray (“Who Said I was up for Adoption?”) but first, the context.

Ray’s first medical examination, shortly after moving in with us, produced a positive test result for Heartworm. He was considered Stage 2 which meant that it should be treatable but, as with any Heartworm treatment program, there was also the possibility  that the course of arsenic based injections could result in heart failure. The treatment program was also extremely expensive, and so I had been contemplating the options available:

“Here was a dog who was less than three years old; who had not had a very good start to his life; who was clearly making an effort to adapt to a family environment; who was already making a niche for himself in our family; who was showing signs of being more than happy to stay with us and, most importantly to me, here was a dog who had invited me to be his friend.

What sort of friend would I be to now walk away from him and leave him to whatever fate would await? Ray could well die during the heartworm treatment, but then he could also survive it. I was very happy to commit whatever was necessary to ensuring that he had the best chance possible of a long and happy life. I suddenly realized just how important he was to me. I loved this guy!”

For anybody interested in reading the full story about Ray’s heartworm treatment, it is covered in Chapters 7 and 9 in “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” The book can be ordered from any major book retailer around the world, although most purchasers to date have bought it on-line from Amazon, GoodReads, Ingrams and FriesenPress etc. (click book cover over to the right for links to more information).

I would also like to remind everybody that all profits from “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” are going to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, being the organization that rescued Ray and worked with him for 4 months in order to make him an adoption possibility!

Christmas isn’t that far away, so if you have any animal lovers on your Christmas list………………….?

P.S. Unlike so many good doggy stories, I can assure you that Ray is extremely alive at the end of his book!

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  1. We nearly lost our Ambos a few years back when he was five years old to a blockage in his heart artery. It was a complicated Operation that last few hours and my children were terrified that they might never see him again. It took nearly two months for him to recover completely and we were glad that he is living a fit dog’s life until today.

    I wish your beautiful Ray all the best and best of all the BEST RECOVERY as well!


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