Life is all about choices.

Faced with an issue that needs to be addressed, we may have a number of obvious possible routes to consider, but to do nothing is also an option. Whatever the final decision, there will always be consequences which have to be accepted. The decision making is especially significant when your choices are limited, and those that are available have little appeal.

I have minimal knowledge of US politics but it seems that something there has broken! In a country that has a population of almost 319 million people, the only two candidates qualified to run for the position of President are either Mr. Incompetent or Ms. Unscrupulous. At least that is the picture that I am getting!

For those of us outside of the US, should we care? Yes I believe that we should. I believe everybody in the world should, because the days of each country functioning as an effective, independent, self-supporting entity have long gone. Labor intensive manufacturing has been sourced to countries with low labor costs. Countries with low agricultural potential but high mineral deposits have negotiated such that the negotiating partners fill each others shortcomings, and this pattern is repeated across the broad spectrum of commerce.

It is a sad state of our world that little interest is shown towards countries that do not have a negotiating strength, but that is the world we have created.  What happens in the US today is going to have ramifications around the world for many years to come.

We, as non-US citizens, can clearly do little to influence the outcome of today’s US Presidential election, but perhaps we should pay special attention to our own country’s political trend. We do have the choice to make our feelings known at our own election time. We do have the choice to monitor our country as it adjusts to the “new” US, and voice opinions as necessary.

I believe the population of Canada is around 35 million.  If the best that can come out of 319 million people are those two, then we in Canada had better pay close attention given our minimal resource!!!

18 thoughts on “Choices!

  1. Unfortunately, the media does not give light to the other parties apart from the Democratic and Republican parties. There were other choices, but they were not given as much media attention.

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  2. Tonight will be interesting to say the least. Will be like watching a nail biter movie as election results pour in and predictions are made and winner announced! Unless we have a repeat of the Bush/Gore election! When the headlines the following morning read, “America still has no President!”
    With how crazy this whole race has been so far I wouldn’t doubt that or another fiasco happening!

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    • Hi George – Well the numbers do make one wonder however, our political structure would seem to be a little different from the US so hopefully a similar situation here would be unlikely, but then …. we cannot forget those numbers!

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