Ray rocks!

It is very common around here to see individual rocks used as landscaping items. The “residential ones” tend to be relatively small, but those used in our parks can be pretty big… say up to approximately 3′ x 3′ x 3′, and Carol has used them periodically as a training tool, and also as a way to burn off some of his energy.  Show him a large rock with a relatively flat top; say “Jump!”,  and he’ll be sitting on top in no time! Take him through a row of 5 or 6, and I am tired out just watching him!


“Okay… so where’s my treat?”

He will also jump up on to parks/sports field bleachers and trot along, parallel to us, upon request! It is interesting how much “exercise equipment” one can find with a bit of imagination. Even our local Tim Hortons has a low retaining wall plus the expected bench seating both of which can be useful! Of course steps up from the lake shore park trail to street level (3 to 4 flights totaling 20 to 30ft) are always fun and all these things, plus the excitement of potential treats from various places will generally give us a tired “boy” when we get home.

Who needs a doggy gym membership with all this stuff around, but those rocks are probably the most impressive. Yup… Ray rocks!

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    • Stairs are the weak point! He wants to race up/down whereas we like to travel a little slower! A moving 75lbs+ dog with very strong back legs can be challenging, and I’ve had the sore upper arm muscles to prove it! 🙂

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