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This is a very different Post from my usual literary meanderings, as it focuses on my daughter Melanie.

She was diagnosed with a brain tumor 10 years ago and, as it was not possible to surgically remove all of it, she has had considerable chemo and radiation treatments.  Sadly, while those treatments have no doubt kept her alive, there are numerous long term side effects which dictate that she cannot perform regular work functions, and is therefore dependent on benefits from her disability provider.

When she is up to it, she uses her time volunteering for a non-profit program that coaches people who are fighting poverty.

Melanie has always been a fighter but, being unable to earn an income, she is struggling to cover her basic living costs.  When I was in N. Vancouver last October, he spirits were quite high, but she was obviously concerned about paying her monthly rent. Given that she has a small, one-bedroom apartment, with no cable TV and no Internet, looking for ways to cut further costs is clearly a challenge.

Her only “modern convenience” is her mobile/cell phone. However, this is also used as a reminder for her ongoing appointments; an alert to her medication schedule, and anything else that she is likely to forget. Her cell phone is vital for her day to day function

I am very proud of her. Her attitude, despite her medical history, and her drive to serve the less fortunate people (her perspective) in her community is admirable. I am helping her out wherever I can but my concern is how she is going to be able to hold on to her apartment.

A GoFundMe account has been setup in the hope that it will alleviate some of her financial concerns (link below). Please give consideration to helping her to keep her home.


She has also started making jewelry ( a kind of “cottage industry”?)! She currently has no website set up (not having internet is a bit of a problem there!), but inquiries can be directed to the email address below (she has free WiFi locations relatively close to where she lives):


Note: The “oligo” is from oligodendroglioma (her tumor). As Melanie explains it … if you have to have a brain tumor, then get this one! It’s better than the alternatives!


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  1. I’d like to send a check or order jewelry, but I don’t put my credit card number on line. The go fund me link says it does not take checks. Please advise. I don’t have much but would like to share it.



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  2. I used to volunteer in the children’s cancer wards at on of the big children’s hospitals here. One of my nieces also fought a brain cancer (and others) battle. It is truly humbling and inspiring to watch youngsters with terrible odds wake up each day so determined not only to survive, but to do something positive in life and for the world. Treatments are sometimes brutal and do have unexpected effects.She sounds very brave.
    “Cottage industry” is a good flexible option. Here, the libraries offer free use of their computers and internet. Is there anything like that where she is? Does her hospital offer computer access for patients/out patients? Perhaps a friend would allow her an hour a day on their computer? There’s bound to be a way for her to get online and start a little business the could grow and raise awareness of her situation.
    Sending healing thoughts and encouragement.

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    • Hi Karen: Yes, she does have free WiFi at a local cafe, and also at her local library (about 10 min+ walk) however, walking can be an issue due to unexpected balance issues. She has to be really careful when out of her apartment if on her own.

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      • That’s to be expected unfortunately. Most irritating and worrisome for the patient.
        Is there any kind of volunteer transport/personal volunteer groups there as there are here that could assist her from place to place (including getting situated inside)? Sometimes the hospitals here have patient coordinators that can make suggestions for things like this – but we’re a really big city

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    • Thanks Prajakta. She certainly makes a lot of people think when they complain about the cost of gasoline, or having to work late etc., and then they realize what she (Melanie) is living with. Matters important can suddenly become matters trivial! 🙂


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    “no matter how tough the world becomes, you must never run out of sweetness”- Bernadokath. That said, let’s spread a little love and sweetness to a dear blogger friend and his daughter who is the definition of a fighter. Please give this a read, and spread a little love today

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  4. Having to deal with cancer is awful. I am so happy that she is still managing a relatively satisfying life. The twin sister of my sister-in-law had a brain tumor as well, which massively impacted her life and family – and future, of course. And, my husband had cancer two year ago, saying the same thing as your daughter in conversations about it: he was lucky to have the kind he was diagnosed with as opposed to the other versions… Take good care, you both! (I have learned to not say “Good luck” anymore, as it truly annoyed us when doctors, nurses, friends and family said that to us back then…”

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    Unbelievable to think these days that someone has no internet. But not everyone is blessed with the necessary conditions to afford it. Sometimes health plays a huge role. Here is a woman who tries to make it without burdening anyone else. Please share to open up more possibilities for her!

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    I am sharing a post from Colin today that touches my heart. As I have shared before, Colin and his daughter Melanie have become wonderful friends of mine. My heart goes out to her and the struggles she has in living with a brain tumor. But there are times that i can so easily forget what she is dealing with because of her amazing, upbeat attitude about life. She is an inspiration and I pray that this post can inspire you to help her out in any way that you can! Many thanks from my heart! ❤

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  7. Melanie is an amazing friend that I love! It tears at my heart that she has to deal with this inoperable brain tumor, but she is not one to have a “pity party” for herself. She adds smiles to my day and inspires me with her positive attitude. Her upbeat attitude of “It is what it is” and its not going to stop me from enjoying life is so encouraging. With her fighting spirit and positive attitude, you can tell that she is your daughter Colin! Praying that this account does help her be able to stay where she is.

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  8. Your daughter sounds like a wonderful person and I really do hope that things can improve for her. Life is often so unfair in what it throws at us but so many times the people who have the most to cope with handle it so well and also help others . Bless her and bless you , a great daughter with a great Dad!

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