First Blog Post?

A number of bloggers have recently taken a trip back in time and re-Posted their very first Blog. It is interesting to see how Blogs have developed, and I was tempted to use the same idea as a bit of a nostalgic trip however, I have decided to add a “twist” to that concept.

My very first Post (October 24 2014) was really nothing more than a paragraph introducing Ray. The only Comment received was from my daughter Melanie! It was however Liked by Wolf is my soul, tripleclicka, Suri and saphiraice. I still hear from tripleclicka and Suri!

My first “real” Post (October 26 2014) also received one Comment (thanks again Mel!), and 3 Likes, which included tripleclicka!

“Ray … Fetch!” (November 26 2014) was the first Post that started to gain some “traction”! It only received 4 Likes, but it also received 3 Comments (none of which were from Melanie!).

December 2014 saw little change in Comments, but likes were reaching 6 or 7!

The first Post to dramatically increase activity was on January 7 2015 with “Ewwwwwwwww!” which was my first Post on Ray’s poop, and my resulting challenges! That Post received 13 Likes and Comments from 9 different people! That must say so much about my audience… but I won’t “go there”!

It was a 2-part Post and, for anybody who is interested, the links are below.

By  comparison, yesterday’s Post (at the time of writing this) had generated 32 Likes, and Comments from 11 people. What is really noticeable however is the increase in dialogues such that yesterday’s Post had generated 30 Comments at the time of writing this!

Blogging history can be interesting!

26 thoughts on “First Blog Post?

  1. It’s always fascinating to try and figure out what brought someone to swing by my blog. Especially when theirs isn’t remotely similar to my genre. Im guessing that probably half or more of my followers aren’t even close to mine but I appreciate each and every visitor and their perspective.

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  2. Like people say about Texas, “I wasn’t born there, but I got there as quick as I could,” I didn’t start out with your first blog posts, but got involved as soon as I could, and it has been nothing but pleasure reading for me. Thanks for the links. You had referred to the posts concerning poop, and now I understand the reference. The best as always to Ray and to you and yours!

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  3. I noticed that as I stated following and commenting on more blogs, more people visited mine. I never did it to get followers, I was genuinely interested. I think, however, there are a lot out there who do that. I often wonder how certain people who hit “like” for the first time found me. Don’t you?

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    • I think the difference is that you commented on other blogs, and so those that were interested would click back to your blog to see what’s going on there. I do exactly the same. Sadly, while my Followers are growing in numbers quite fast, the “core” of regular Commenters grows very slowly. As for finding you? Apart from seeing you on another Blog, there are various search engines (like Google) who will find you if someone uses the appropriate search parameters. 🙂

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      • Yes, I do understand that, but I always wonder,when I see what their blogs are about and that they have nothing to do with any of my tags, what it was that drove them to mine.


        • Well I think you must assume that either they found something of interest in your Blog, or they want to tap into your Followers. I seem to recall that WP does provide a search program for other Blogs.

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  4. Looking back at Comment and Like history is fun. It also makes me wonder what happened to some of the early commenters – usually fellow bloggers. Where did they go? Where did their blogs go? Why did they just disappear? I loved them and their stories, but they’re gone….

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  5. Oh, I remember being sooooo happy when I saw 5 visits on my stats in one single day! Then the first comments… I was so nervous. Funny how suddenly all is increasing and growing like getting a life of its own.

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  6. Look how far your blog has come! You have written many more entertaining posts, and have attracted many more followers and comments. But 1 thing remains, you still do posts about poop. I would say that someone that can make an entertaining post revolving around poop is a gifted writer, Of course the word crazy would fit as well. 🙂

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