Controversial Posts!

I read a Post recently about the disappointment of negative feedback to recent Posts, and the writer appeared to be contemplating everything from changing their interests (re future Posts), to closing down the Blog.

The beauty of Blogging is that we are able to write about pretty much anything but, of course, what one writes about will determine the interests of the people who read and Comment. Write about landscapes and art, and you will probably not attract readers who are absorbed by vintage cars! Write about sex, and the scope of interest could be quite startling, and possibly a little disturbing!

Controversy is not something that should be avoided however, there are some obvious risks. I do occasionally approach controversial subjects, but I use the following guidelines:

  1. There are probably no black/white answers as perspective will always influence opinion, and perspectives can be changed given a convincing influence.
  2. If I expect my readers to be receptive to a change in perspective, then I too must be receptive to change.
  3. A potential problem is when the reader’s position is that they are right, and they are not prepared to consider change! Resolving is nothing more than recognizing the situation and stepping back diplomatically. (“Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, but I guess we just have to agree to disagree on this topic.”).
  4. Another potential issue is simply a reader whose obvious frustrations are coming out in their choice of words! My position on abusive, inflammatory or otherwise offensive language is quite simple. I delete the Comment!

To anybody who wants to “dabble” in controversy I would say “Go ahead!”, but make sure that you have done your homework first because you will almost certainly be challenged by someone, somewhere, on this planet!

Food for thought.

26 thoughts on “Controversial Posts!

  1. I’ve had a few negative comments, but it made me think about how I was expressing myself, so I accepted most of them as part of the learning curve. My late FIL used to love getting me into debates as he wanted to hear my point of view, sometimes deliberately talking the opposite argument just to have a ‘discussion’!

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  2. Even though I tend to stay away from controversial subjects (current president for example), I am sure that if people could find something that rubs them wrong. (You let your dog out without a leash when you walk to the car with her? How could you!) No, I haven’t gotten that comment, but I am pretty sure I am banned from adopting a schnauzer from one particular rescue group because of that!

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  3. How sad someone would get so discouraged. It is part of the game you have to learn to deal with.
    Reality is you won’t like everyone and everyone won’t like you. That’s OK
    Live and let live
    And even better agree to disagree from time to time, and still be friends
    (Life and the world would be so much less stressful)

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  4. I follow a blogger who occasionally puts things out there that get negative feedback. She gets hurt by them. I agree with another commenter, if you don’t want conflict don’t post things that encourage it. I once posted something and one of my readers was over the top crazy. She went over the edge so I deleted it. I don’t mind a rebuttal but it was very nasty. As for myself if I don’t agree with something, I scroll by. If I have something constructive to add, I may comment but I have found that it just winds everyone up. This is a long winded way of saying “if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

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  5. I have learned one thing running a General Discussion Forum for 10 years. You have to have some thick skin, and be able to slowly count to 10 on a regular basis. I don’t mean to be harsh, but if the individual is having thoughts like you describe, perhaps something other than blogging should be thought about. There will be times no one finds your posts interesting, there will be strange or critical comments. It’s all part of it.

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  6. Honestly – at some point, you are bound to get negative feedback on your blog. It’s part of the package. While it can be hard to deal with sometimes, you make good points, and another way to look at it is as an opportunity for discussion. We all want engaged readers; engaged readers comment, engaged authors reply.

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    • Great perspective Molly. Putting yourself “out there” will always have a risk factor, but the benefits make it worthwhile! Also of course, who would blog if nobody ever Commented? :):)


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