World Peace?

There is a perception out there (I am choosing my words carefully!) that beauty pageant contestants do not necessarily have the highest IQ scores. Whether that is significant or not is dependent on what one considers “necessary assets” to win a beauty pageant!

I recently posted a reading of “My Dream”, which is one of the poems in my book “Just Thinking”

Carol was listening to the reading yesterday evening and could not help but laugh at the final verse:

I dream of a day
When world peace is achieved,
And when the pen is the only weapon.
There will be universal love
And… to the power above I’ll say
“Thank you. Our Earth has now become Heaven.”

It’s not that she thought the message was particularly funny, but that “world peace” was mentioned. It reminded her of Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality” The beauty contestants are being asked “What is the most important thing that our society needs?” The clip below provides the answer!  Just gotta luv Sandra Bullock!

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