24 thoughts on ““The River”

  1. The magnificence of these words is only made better by your recitation of them! I could listen to you for hours. It reminds me of these words that I often share: ” Life is not a problem to be solved, but an experience to be had “-Alan W. Watts. Thank-you for this beautiful post, I love your thinking!

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      • You are most welcome! May I suggest that you consider an audio version of this book, if you have not already done so? I’m sure it would be a tremendous amount of labor on your part. Perhaps selected portions instead of the entire book. I am thinking of the people who are not sighted that would so benefit by your verses and voice. Just thinking!

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        • Hi Ellen. It’s an idea that I am “floating around” re both books however, doing it is another matter. There are potentially high costs involved, as well as the time to get a professional recording. The idea is “alive” as at today though! 🙂


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