Blog Anniversary!

We are fast approaching the 3rd. anniversary of this Blog!

I have been looking at recent comments with a lot of pleasure because so many of you go back quite a long time with me.  The Blog took about 3 months before it got any “serious traction” so it was my intention to go back to January 2015, and acknowledge each of you, by name, if you are still active since hitting that Follow button way back then.

Sadly that is not practical because it would take considerable time to scroll through lists of WordPress data, and then I might overlook somebody! You know who you are, so please accept my sincere thanks for your ongoing participation in this Blog.

It is so rewarding to have men and women, students and retirees (and everybody in between) contribute regularly as the gender and age differences provide some interesting perspectives on different topics.

Many countries are represented regularly as are various spiritual beliefs. The tensions between (and within) some countries and/or cultures have never been displayed in any Comments which is a wonderful testament to the possibility of world peace. If we can overlook differences here, then we should be able to overlook them outside of blogging.

We can live in harmony if we so wish, and my Blog (and of course many others) affirms that perspective. It may be a stretch of the imagination to equate activity on a few Blogs with world-wide potential, but our Blogs are surely microscopic examples of what could be.

There are, not surprisingly, many dog owners here regularly, as well as shelter staff and volunteers. I see Comments from medical doctors, landscape architects, botanists, lawyers and many other professionals. A number of you are authors of published works, while others are just “testing the waters” in the area of writing. Some of you are university students, while others are just embarking on career paths. Some of you work from home while others…. well I don’t quite know what you do! Each one of you has offered valuable and interesting perspectives on a wide range of topics… which is why this Blog keeps going.

My initial reaction to this imminent anniversary was to feel very pleased with myself but, in retrospect, it would not have survived without all of you so I offer my sincere thanks to each and every one of you. While it was my time and effort that started this Blog “rolling”, it was all you “guys” who maintained the momentum. Happy 3rd anniversary everybody… and here’s the guy that really started it  all!

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  1. I most certainly read a lot more than I comment (or indulge my own blogs). Three years is quite an achievement! Happy anniversary to you both…(I don’t suppose Ray cares, unless of course multiple treats are involved. 😊).

    I think you create safe space here Colin. I have never seen animosity or any trolls… That is really an achievement. Ray is the ambassador for peace. He is probably too modest to know it!😊

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    • So glad that you enjoy visiting. Every Comment received is held pending approval so I do have the option of just deleting any inappropriate Comments. What has surprised me however, is that I have only blocked one Comment in these past 3 years! WordPress does have a filter for the Comments with “hidden agendas”! 🙂


  2. A very Happy 3rd. Blogiversary to the star, Ray, and you too!!! While I am not a blogger, I am the quintessential follower…if there is such a thing. Retirement has given me unlimited time to wander in and around the various blogs. Sometimes it is due to the mention of another blogger on a blog I am reading, sometimes I just like a comment written and click onto it and sometimes it is both or just serendipity. Sometimes I just visit and leave, other times I visit and stay. Sometimes I don’t comment for awhile until I find the blog a good fit for me, other times I probably comment in excess. Too much information here, just to say that it was my good fortune to wander into your world and I’m glad that I stayed!

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  3. Happy “Almost” Anniversary! My cat blog will turn eight years old in a little over a week and my dog’s blog (Dakota’s Den) turned six years old this past April. Wishing you the best!

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    • Thank you George. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years, but then I cannot believe that Ray has lived with us for over 4-1/2 years and that he is around 7 years old now. I guess the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” is pretty accurate. 🙂

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  4. Happy Blog Anniversary! Oh the joy and adventures that blogging can lead to! Who would have guessed, and who knows what is to come! 🙂
    Yes, our blogs may just be microscopic examples of world wide potential, but those small examples still make a difference in peoples lives every day!
    Thank you for your part in making a difference and thank Ray too! I believe he needs some extra treats and hugs today! 🙂

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