Who are you? (Part 1)

If I ask “Who are you?”, I will invariably get a name and probably a relationship and/or work perspective.

While your name is very nice to have, it is little more than a label which identifies you from others. It is also nice to hear that you are (e.g.) a mother, a daughter, a friend etc. etc., but that just gives me your links to other people, rather than explaining who you are! You may tell me that you have some professional designation in a particular field, but that simply gives me an indicator of your expertise.

So often one just gets the quick answers, but are they really well thought out answers? It is so easy to regurgitate what we have heard many times before and simply hope that the question will go away! It is so easy to offer all the perceived “correct” answers, but will those answers really reflect your core beliefs of life? It is so easy to simply believe that you are totally in touch with yourself, and yet…. if you occasionally feel that there is something missing from your life, perhaps you are not as totally in touch as you would like to believe.

If you have contemplated a change in your life, but are uncertain about which direction to take, then you really need to re-establish an intimate relationship with yourself because the answers are almost certainly within you.Β  If you are finding that external pressures are causing stress, then again you should get back in touch with your inner-self and the route to a satisfactory resolution will almost certainly be found.

So… this is all very well, but where do we go from here? I have had a couple of “soul searching” experiences which I would describe asΒ  invaluable in my developmentΒ  over the years. I am going to give you the guidelines and the steps …. and look forward to hearing the outcome in the context of your life.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

23 thoughts on “Who are you? (Part 1)

  1. “Who are you?” Usually my answer would be my name, profession and academic qualifications! You are spot on, Colin. It is food for thought. Heading to read the other posts in this series πŸ™‚

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  2. You won’t believe this, but just yesterday morning I was drafting a post along these lines – revolving more from the angle of how would someone else introduce you or how you would introduce someone else – and what you captured – “It is so easy to offer all the perceived β€œcorrect” answers, but will those answers really reflect your core beliefs of life?”! I am now heading over to read the second part…

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  3. I don’t know if we will ever really know who we are. Of course, the reflexive answer is what role we play here. But basically, that is what the counterpart wants to know. If we get to that core of who we are, I think I would say something different tomorrow than I would say today… we are developing and revealing our inner being more and more over the time… a life-long self-discovery!

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  4. My answer to that question is situational. If I am at work after hours and a policeman asks, the correct response would be my position at the church. Or a my husband’s workplace, my relationship to him. Ok, ok, I get where you’re going with this… see (or read) you tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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