“Who are you?” (Part 6 – Final part)

What follows is another exercise which made a great impact on me however, it takes a little planning and lot of desire to complete.

The concept is based around isolating yourself for a day (say 6 hours). It should be in a location where solitude can be virtually guaranteed and therefore minimum potential for distractions. I chose a local conservation area which had ski slopes, but this was in July so they were simply grass slopes.  Positioning myself about halfway up the slope meant that other visitors to the area would not interfere with my experience.

So what is the experience? You simply make yourself comfortable (DO NOT GO TO SLEEP) and think! What do you think about? Whatever you like!

In my case, I spent the first two hours admiring the view from halfway up the slope; the trees on both sides; visualized skiers; watched the trains off in the distance; looked at the grass, and generally wondered what I was doing there.

Eventually, with all the local sights and sounds exhausted, my mind drifted further afield to family; friends; work; my history; personal events and challenges.

It was not long before I was able to focus on lunch (a good plan to have a snack with you), after which my mind decided to explore my spirituality; the world in general; my place in it and my future.

There will be times when the whole exercise will seem pointless because you no longer know what to think about, and that is good because your mind will not stop functioning and could well take you into parts of you that have been hidden for many years. If you followed me through Parts 1 to 5, then there is much potential for analyzing yourself and perhaps drawing some significant conclusions. You will never know until you try it!

Just thinking!

14 thoughts on ““Who are you?” (Part 6 – Final part)

  1. I am going to make small flash cards of those attributes and associate it with a quote or my sentiments about it. Something to wake up to, and sometimes a reminder when the times seem low and hopeless.

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  2. This is exactly what I enjoy so much and love to do when I am in California by myself. A week or more only sitting at the beach, gazing at the ocean and letting my mind go wherever it takes me. Every time it results in several insights about myself or something I “took along”.

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  3. I do like times of being alone and thinking, but have to say that I have never done it for a 6 hour period before! That could be challenging, but I find it intriguing to think about what could come out of it. So thank you for the challenge, as you know challenges can be hard for me to resist!

    I do have one question. No, I am obviously not going to bring a book along to read, but can I bring my journal to write down my thoughts in?

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