The last thing I ever say to you…..!

Below is a link to a TED talk by conductor Benjamin Zander. Not only is he an entertaining speaker, and uses classical music to make his points but, in this particular presentation, I can virtually guarantee that you will slip into a few moments of thoughtful introspection during the last few minutes. Find yourself a 20 minute space in your  day and, regardless of your taste in music, I think you will be moved.

17 thoughts on “The last thing I ever say to you…..!

  1. Marvelous post! This is worth so much more than the 20 minutes spent listening, even if your are not the classical music lover. I was gifted a few years ago with his book (co-authored with his wife, Rosamund), “The Art of Possibility”. An amazing man of many talents. Thank-you for a very enjoyable experience!

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